Michael Schur Net Worth - Income As A Producer, Writer And Other Ventures

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Michael Schur Net Worth
$100 Million

Michael has made multimillion dollar fortune from his illustrious career in the television world. Image Source: J.J. Philbin Instagram.

Birth Name Michael Herbert Schur
Birth place Ann Arbor, Michigan, US
Profession Producer, Writer, and Actor
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Hair Color Black

Michael Schur is an American producer who is best known for creating some blockbuster TV series such as The OfficeThe Good Place, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even though he has made quite a lot of successful projects, he remains pretty much far from the spotlight he deserves. 

Michael is also known as the popular screenwriter J. J. Philbin's husband. He has been pretty much phenomenal at his job and gathered a massive fortune to his name. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Schur's net worth is currently estimated to be $100 Million. With a massive net worth as his, why don't we take a look at how Michael made his multi-million-dollar empire. 

Michael Schur Net Worth And Career

As we mentioned above, Michael Schur's net worth is currently valued at around $100 million. His massive wealth is mostly comprised of his earnings as a writer and producer to a variety of popular TV shows. Apart from writing and producing great content, Michael also appears as a character actor in most of his own work. Let's have a look at how Michael started his journey. 

Income As A Writer

Michael started his journey in the entertainment industry in 1997 from Saturday Night Live. He altogether wrote more than 100 episodes for SNL. He also appeared in some of the episodes and moved his writing game to the next level by writing the fan-favorite The Office in 2005. He also made his appearance on the show. He also wrote other popular shows and continued making his wealth larger. Some of his other notable works include The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation.

With a CV as his, Michael Schur's net worth to be $100 million is not surprising at all. He has been an absolute beast in terms of writing, so we have to be patient for his next project, which will probably be a banger too. 

Earnings As A Producer 

Michael not only writes his shows but is also heavily into producing. His major investment in TV includes The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation. He also has two upcoming series called Q-Force and Rutherford Fall. Michael's fortune consists heavily of his production. 

It is almost sad to think Michael is not as well-known as he deserves to be. With more of his work coming soon, let's hope he finally gets the recognition he really deserves. Not to mention he also has two prime-time Emmys, which furthermore enhances his portfolio. 

Michael Signed Nine-Figure Overall Deal To Stay At Universal 

Back in 2019, Michael signed a $25 million contract to stay at Universal. The new deal will keep him at his longtime home at Universal studios. Michael Schur is one of the few people who has been instrumental in both NBC and Universal's success. Michael had been part of Universal for more than two decades, and he was happy to stay there. He even added:

"I’m thrilled to be staying at NBC/Universal TV, my home since 1998"

So, it won't be surprising to see his net fortune grow even more in the coming days.

Schur Raised Money From His Beard From The Office 

As we mentioned earlier, Michael has not only made numerous successful TV series but he has also made his own character appearance on his shows. One of his most memorable performances was in The Office where he played the cousin of Dwight Schrute who was a character played by actor Rainn Wilson.

Schur had a beard from his character and he wanted to raise money for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank amid the COVID-19 pandemic by selling it. He already surpassed his monetary goal by surpassing his $150,000 target with $173,000 raised since March 19. The Office fan base was definitely responsible for the money raised. 

Lifestyle and Assets 

After having made his multi-million dollar empire, Michael Schur is living a comfortable life with his family. He currently resides in his LA mansion and previously sold his Hancock Park house for a decent amount of money. Michael sure is a talented individual, and his talent paid off in a spectacular fashion.

Michael Schur net worth and career

A lot of Michael's lack of recognition is due to his lack of presence on social media. But he does appear quite regularly on the mainstream media. We, as fans, can only hope to see more from him in the coming days. 


  • Michael Schur was born on October 29, 1975, to Warren M. Schur and Anne Herbert.
  • He is married to J.J. Philbin since October 9, 2005.
  • Schur has two children with Philbin.
  • He owns the rights for David Foster Wallace's novel Infinite Jest for film production.

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Published on 27 December, 2020

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