Patty Smyth Net Worth - Income And Earnings As A Musician

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John McEnroe's wife Patty Smyth is an American singer and songwriter who has earned fortune from her music career. Image Source: YouTube.

Patty Smyth is mostly known for her distinctive voice and incredible songwriting skills. She is one of the most famous female rock-singer and fronted the band Scandal in the 1980s. She has gained success from her solo career and also in the band. Not only this, but her marriage to tennis player John McEnroe also earned her recognition around the world.

As one of the most famous singer-songwriter in the 80s, there is no debate that, Patty Smyth's net worth will be as grand as it gets. Whether it is her album sales and tours, they must have undoubtedly helped the singer's fortune to rise over the years.

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Patty Smyth Net Worth And Earnings

From her successful career in the music industry, Patty Smyth's net worth must include earnings from album sales and multiple tours and festivals she has performed around the world. As for her husband, John McEnroe's net worth is estimated to be $100 million from his career as a tennis player and various business ventures.

Income From Music

The talented rock singer, Patty Smyth, has been making music since she was a child but only got her big break after joining the famous band Scandal. She used to perform on various local venues and bars, and during one of these performances; she was scouted. 

With her band, Scandal, Smyth found fame after the band released its debut EP in 1982. The group went on to release their debut studio album, Warriors but disbanded shortly after. After this, the talented singer pursued a solo career and also gained moderate success from her hard work. Some of the albums from the band and her solo career and their prices are listed below:

Album Prices
Warrior $7.99 (Audio CD)
Never Enough $33.80 (Audio CD)
Greatest Hits Featuring Scandal $9.99 (MP3)
Patty Smyth $5.99 (MP3)
Come on December $9.88 (Audio CD)

These albums are all available on Amazon, and many of these albums and her singles were successful in the US. From the earnings from the album sales, Patty Smyth's net worth must have seen an enormous rise from her music career.

Income From Tours

Just like every other artist in the world, Patty has also toured several times in support of her albums. She performed in various well-known venues as a part of Scandal and also as a solo artist. Also, after almost two decades, Scandal reunited and went on tours around the United States East Coast in 2005. The show was a huge success and resulted in the band making new music together.

Apart from album sales, tours are one of the primary sources of income for any artist. Similarly, Patty Smyth's income also comprises revenues from the various concert and performances that she has done during her music career.

Lifestyle And Assets

As one of the most famous artists in the 80s and the wife of multimillionaire John McEnroe, Patty Smyth, the lovely pair apparently owns around $50 million worth of real estate in Los Angeles. The most famous among the lot was their SouthHamptons estate, which was sold in 2017 for $11.25 million with considerable profit for the couple. Also, they own two houses in Malibu, each worth $2.6 million and $3.3 million at the time of purchase.

Patty Smyth House.

Looking at the investments and expensive taste in properties, we can say that Smyth enjoys a lavish lifestyle. However, she also doesn't shy away from helping people and has supported various charities, including her own The John and Patty McEnroe Foundation.

Some Facts About Patty Smyth

  • Patty Smyth was born in New York on the 26th of June, 1957.
  • Her mother was once a manager for rock'n'roll guitarist Link Wray and also owned several nightclubs.
  • She was married to Richard Hell for two years and have a daughter, Ruby Meyers, together. 
  • She has two daughters, Anna McEnroe and Ava McEnroe, from her marriage from John McEnroe, who she married in 1997.
  • She was once invited to sing in place of David Lee Roth in the famous band Van Halen by Eddie Van Halen.

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Published on 07 May, 2020

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