Slade Smiley Net Worth - Besides RHOC, Know The Reality TV Star's Income And Earning Sources

BY CHIRAG Updated on 15 March, 2021

Find out how much is RHOC star Slade Smiley's net worth. Image Source: Pinterest.

The Real Housewives series is one that fans wholeheartedly enjoy. And of course, the OG series is one that fans love the most. So when one of the originals, The Real Housewives of Orange County, has anything to share, fans become ecstatic. One of these stars, Slade Smiley, is, without a doubt, a fan favorite. Do you know how much he is worth? Well, no need to go away to find out.

Slade Smiley's net worth is $500,000, and his role in RHOC is one that fans will remember for a long time. Let's have a look and find out more about his income and earning sources. Well, as for Slade Smiley's fiancee, Gretchen Rossi's net worth is estimated at $4 million

Did You Know What Slade's Job Is?

Sure, aside from appearing in RHOC, most stars have a different job that they do. The same should also be for Slade Smiley. But for a long time, the answer to this was never found. Now, however, the answer was finally revealed to the fans.

Slade Smiley's earnings

Back when he appeared on Jeff Lewis Life, Slade Smiley's job was revealed to the fans by himself. The star stated that he works for a company in security while also being on the board for two other companies. As his job was one of the biggest mysteries on RHOC, this answer was one that fans were ecstatic to find out. So, since Slade has such an important job, we can expect his salary to be equally impressive, right? Well, if you too are wondering about it, make sure to read till the end.

How Much Is Slade Smiley's Salary?

Well, most celebrities on The Real Housewives series have quite an impressive salary. With most stars getting paid in tens of thousands, we can expect Slade Smiley's salary to be somewhere in this range as well. But as discussed, RHOC isn't Slade's only source of income. 

Slade Smiley Salary

Being a member of the board for a company is quite a big deal. Even more so, when the said person is on the board for two different companies, including his work in the company in security, we can expect him to earn a few thousand from there as well. As such, Slade Smiley's income is one that hardly anyone can scoff at. Wouldn't you think the same?

Earnings From Their CBD Products

Aside from this, Slade Smiley's fiancee, Gretchen Rossi, along with the star himself, launched a cannabis line of their own in 2019. There are already several products on sale, including metabolism-boosting capsules as well as a special 'sleep formula' known as CBDzzz. We can imagine them making good money from the sales as well. To give you a brief idea, here is a table showing some of the products that are available for sale:

Product Travel Size Price Normal size price
LIMITLESS $15.99 $69.99
CBDZZZ $15.99 $69.99
CBD Bath bomb $14.99(1 bath bomb)  
Organic Gummy Bears $16.99 $79.99

Seeing at some of the products available, we can see that the products are reasonably priced. Having many fans willing to purchase the star's goods, the sales of the products are nothing to scoff at either. All of these make sure that the star's earnings are always coming in. In the future, we can imagine his net worth taking a hike as well.

At one point in time, the couple was blamed for allegedly selling misleading CBD goods where the CBD amount was misinformed. This issue was quickly adhered to as Rossi added that they will make the necessary changes in the labels if it was in any way misleading.

Nevertheless, looking at the reality TV star's multiple earning sources, one can assume Slade Smiley's net worth to hike even more in the upcoming days.

Facts About Slade Smiley

  • Was born on October 29, 1973, in Oakland.
  • Was previously engaged to Jo De La Rosa.
  • Owed his ex-girlfriend Michelle Arroyo anywhere between $84,962 and $110,000 in back child support.
  • Slade Smiley's children are named Grayson Smiley and Gavin Smiley that he shares with baby mama Michelle.
  • In 2007, Slade Smiley's house was put on sale and was listed by Jeana Keough.
  • Is an actor with 4 credits in TV series.

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Published on 11 March, 2020

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