Know All About Snapchat Co-Founder Bobby Murphy's Wife Kelsey Bateman

BY SMRITI Updated on 12 March, 2021

Bobby Murphy and Kelsey Bateman have been in a relationship for a long time. Image Source: Dirt.

Bobby Murphy, short for Robert Cornelius Murphy, is currently married to Kelsey Bateman. The lovely pair of Bobby Murphy and Kelsey Bateman met at Stanford University. The couple owns several houses in various places and seems to be enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Bobby Murphy is best known for co-founding the popularly used app, Snapchat, alongside Evan Spiegel. Through Snapchat, Bobby and Evan have both become billionaires.

What Is American Entrepreneur And Businessperson Bobby Murphy's Net Worth?

Know More About Bobby Murphy's Kelsey Bateman 

Bobby and Kelsey have been dating for a long time. As mentioned above, the couple met in college when they were attending Stanford University. Both the couple have managed to live a life outside the spotlight of the media. Living her life outside the media light, Bobby Murphy's wife, Kelsey Bateman's career or net worth has not been revealed to the public yet. But as she completed her education from a reputed college such as Stanford, we can say that she has become a successful woman. 

Bobby Murphy and Kelsey Bateman

As for Kelsey Bateman's husband Bobby Murphy, his net worth is estimated at $3.4 billion. He is most known for being the co-founder of the very popularly used app called Snapchat. This app was founded by Bobby Murphy alongside Evan Spiegel. Evan Spiegel's net worth stands at $3.3 billion. As Snapchat is an app that is used by millions of people, the co-founders easily became billionaires. With an astounding amount of net worth, both Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel were named one of the youngest self-made billionaires under the age of 30.  

Bobby Murphy and Kelsey Bateman's Relationship

Bobby Murphy and his wife Kelsey Btaeman's relationships have successfully been kept under the covers. The couple's social media accounts have been hidden. And although Bobby Murphy has a twitter account with more than 3 thousand followers, he has not tweeted anything on his account yet. The pair definitely seems to be living a low key life. As for Bobby Murphy's Stanford friend and business partner Evan Spiegel, he is engaged to one of the highest-paid models Miranda Kerr. 

Although Bobby and Kelsey have lived mostly a secretive life, the media seems to have caught up to their spending habits. As a multi-billionaire, the co-founder of Snapchat seems to be spending a lot on real estate. Bobby Murphy and his wife have bought three cottages in Venice, Italy, for jaw-dropping prices of $4.95 million, $2.26 million and $5 million. The married couple has also bought a house at Pacific Palisades which is worth a whopping amount of $6 million.

Bobby Murphy and Kelsey Bateman's house

They also own another house at Pacific Palisades alongside a house in Santa Monica. Although we can't be sure about the couple's intentions in buying all these houses, we can be sure that the multi-billionaire Bobby Murphy and his wife Kelsey Bateman are enjoying quite a luxurious lifestyle.  

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Published on 01 December, 2019

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