Wizkid Net Worth - What Are The Rapper's Income And Earning Sources?

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Wizkid Net Worth
$4 Million

Wizkid's net worth of $4 million comprises of his earnings as a singer-songwriter. Image Source: Wizkid Instagram.

Birth Name Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun
Birth place Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Profession Singer
Nationality Nigerian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Hair Color Black

Singer/ songwriter Wizkid has become a well-known star ever since he stepped on stage and he has often made headlines not only for his songs but for his skills in the industry as well.

Wizkid is one of the most talented young singers out there and fans are always wanting to learn new things about him, one of these things is how he earns his money and how much he has earned throughout his career.

Wizkid Net Worth And Sources Of Income

Known widely across America, Wizkid has managed to show that the language of songs is an international language. Originally hailing from Nigeria, Wizkid has grown up to work with other amazing singers and songwriters like Drake, Beyonce, and one of the most recent ones with Blue Ivy Carter, and has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. Throughout his career, this young singer has earned so much that as of now, Wizkid's net worth has been estimated at a grand of $4 million.

Income From His Music

Wizkid is a well-known singer whose songs sell-out not long after they hit the shelves. As stated, Wizkid hails from Nigeria and it is through his music that he has become a world favorite. Of course, as the singer and songwriter, Wizkid is entitled to the money earned from his music. While an average singer with 1-4 years of experience makes between $22K to $209K a year, Wizkid is someone with much longer experience, and as such, this average salary is something that he earns in a much shorter time.

This also goes to show just how great of a singer Wizkid is.

Income From Sales

Of course, if you make music and share them with the world, fans would want to have the music with them wherever they go, especially if they like the song. Wizkid's songs are loved by the fans and whenever they are available, fans usually rush to the store or online sites to buy them. As such, the earnings made by Wizkid from the sales make up quite a bit of his total fortune. The prices for some of his songs are as follows:

Song Price
Sounds From The Other Side $7.99
Joro $1.29
Ayo $8.99
Superstar  $8.99
Drogba $1.29

The prices of the songs are not high and that makes the sales boom, even more, helping him earn thousands of dollars, especially on the day of a song release.

Earnings From YouTube Channel

On everyone's phone, YouTube has become one of those apps that are necessary to have and are always a built-in system. Many take advantage of this and set up a YouTube channel as a source of income. Of course, it helps if you already have some fame, and so Wizkid has also grabbed the opportunities. Sharing some of his songs on the channel StarBoy TV, Wizkid's videos have got millions of views and make an equally great amount.

In fact, according to SocialBlade, Wizkid makes an estimated $12.5K to $200.7K a year. Taking into account that WizKid's videos come after long intervals, this is a great amount showing that the videos are still in thousands of people's playlist, helping him earn all this money. As for his other channel WizkidVEVO, it generates him an estimated monthly earning of $2.2K - $34.7K and yearly earnings of $26K - $416.2K. 

Being a well-known star means that you often get tons of emails every day requesting for a performance from which they might make a ton of money. However, it is not always true that Wizkid's emails are read. At times, however, some mails pick the interest of singers and can't help but decide to go. And usually, these performances help the star earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is the same for Wizkid.

While many of these performances aren't a big deal, one such performance by Wizkid helped him make a lot of money and also made headlines. Back in 2018, Wizkid was invited to perform at the Umaid Bhawan Palace in India for a wedding, and the host offered an amazing 50 million INR, which amounts to $681,200.This amount surely played a huge part in evaluating Wizkid's net worth today.

Furthermore, the talented artist also earns from his merch line.


Taking a look at what Wizkid does when not working on his music, the young singer enjoys spending time with his friends whenever he can. While still living a lavish life, Wizkid knows what is most precious in life, and spends his time with his family and friends. Taking a look at Wizkid's Instagram, he mostly shares pictures and videos of himself busy with work or traveling for work, with an occasional photo of Wizkid's son, Boluwatife Balogun in the mix.

WizKid's family

This, while subtle, shows that even when busy with work and everything, his priority will continue to be his family and the people around him.

Facts And Trivia

  • Wizkid was born on July 16th of 1990.
  • He started singing at the age of 11.
  • His first album, Glorious 5 sold 10,000 copies.

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Published on 02 July, 2020

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