Betty Wright Net Worth - Look At The Late Singer's Income And Earning Sources

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Betty Wright was an amazing singer with a huge wealth. Image Source: Getty Images.

Known as one of the best, Miami born singer and songwriter, Betty Wright's net worth was estimated to be at $5 million during the time of her death. With a wonderful success story behind her, Betty was someone who was recognized worldwide by thousands and she has trained and inspired several young stars who are well-known people today. With a hit single of her own as a teenager, she was respected ever since she was young. Because of such a successful background and career, her earnings and sources of income were one of the most searched queries about the singer.

If you happen to have these questions, make sure to stick till the end to find out all the answers.

Betty Wright, 'Tonight is the Night' Singer Has Died At Age 66

Betty Wright Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Betty Wright's net worth was estimated at a grand of $5 million, and she began raking in the big bucks all while she was still a teenager. At the age of thirteen, Betty had started out as the backup vocalist for her family's own gospel group The Echoes of Joy. In 1968, she recorded her debut album titled, My First Time Around as well as her first hit song, Girls Can't Do What Guys Can Do all at the age of 15. Betty's biggest smash success, Clean Up Woman released in 1971, ranked 2nd on the R&B charts and 6th on the Billboard pop charts while she was still only 18 years old. Since then, Betty has released several songs, all of which are among the top, including:

  • Baby Sitter
  • I Am Woman
  • Shoorah Shoorah
  • Where Is The Love
  • No Pain, (No Gain)

The ones mentioned are only some of the singer's top songs, and Betty Wright's salary from these few alone was enough to put several stars at shame during the time. And while singing might be her strongest suit, she has been seen in places other than the stage, including several TV shows including, Magic City, Soul Train, and Baisden After Dark among many others. All of this alone shows that Betty Wright's earnings were above the average of a yearly $35K and was most likely triple or quadruple the amount. But that is not all.

Betty also made sure to stay along with the trend, and has her own official YouTube channel with over 45K subscribers. Though she doesn't have a lot of activity on it, each video has tens of thousands of views and she must have surely made some money off of it.

Income From The Sale Of Her Songs

From all the things mentioned, it is clear that Betty Wright's songs are one that ought not to be missed. And with such huge hits, of course, there would be MP3s and Vinyls of her songs for sale. Interested fans can all purchase her songs on Amazon, but because of their success, a lot of them tend to be sold out and unavailable pretty soon. Some of the prices of Betty Wright's songs along with their media format are given below:

Song Media Format Price
Betty Wright Live Audio CD $30.81
Mother Wit Vinyl $50.00
Betty Wright - R&B Hits & More MP3 $7.99
Mother Wit Audio CD $975.33
The Essentials: Betty Wright mp3 $9.49

 Every time a new product dropped, fans of the late singer made sure not to waste any time and quickly head on over to purchase the item available. As such, we can expect Betty Wright's earnings from these sales to have been quite a huge sum of money.

Lifestyle And Death

Betty Wright was someone who knew never to let her age get the best of her. She loved to travel and meet up with different people. Being a part of concerts and spending her free time writing songs and being with her friends and family showed that what mattered her most wasn't her wealth and fortune, but instead, it was her family. Sadly, not everything wonderful lasts forever, and that also happened to be the case for the beautiful late singer, Betty Wright.

On the 10th of May, 2020, Betty Wright passed away after suffering from cancer. At the age of 66, Betty, who was diagnosed with Cancer and after being in the hospital for over a week, she passed away. Betty's fans took to Instagram where they wished Betty's family their heartfelt condolences and they probably even shed tears that were not seen by others. But the family was very thankful. Taking to Betty's Instagram, Betty Wrights's family thanked every well-wisher for their prayers.

Betty Wright died

Wright continues to live, however, through her children: daughters, Patrice ParkerAisha McCray, and Asha Wright, and son, Chaka Azuri. Betty Wright also had another son named Patrick Parker who was sadly shot and killed on December 25, 2005, at the age of 21.

Facts And Trivia

  • At the request of, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Betty Wright trained Danity Kane.
  • Co-produced the debut album of Diane Birch in 2009.
  • Was the co-producer of Joss Stone's The Soul Sessions.

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Published on 11 May, 2020

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