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Alexis Maas is the fourth wife of television host Johnny Carson. Image Source: Getty Images.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Alexis Maas
Birth place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US
Nationality American
Husband/Wife Late Johnny Carson
Eye color Green

Alexis Maas is a well-known woman known by many as the late Johnny Carson's wife and possibly the closest person who he held dearest to his heart. While Alexis is a secretive person, there would still be an occasional news story regarding Alexis from time to time, however, this has stopped and people are wondering what exactly happened to her and how she is doing now, and if possible find out things about her that were not previously known.

Early Life

Born and brought up in 1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as Alexis Maas, this woman grew up in a beautiful and humble family. An average student in studies there wasn't anything out of the ordinary for Alexis, but at the time, no one had realized how famous she would be upon growing up.

While most of the information relating to Alexis' childhood is under the curtains, one thing is sure that while growing up, she was loved by her family, friends, and everyone around her ensuring that she had a lovely childhood.

How Alexis Met Johnny?

While most of her childhood was considered quite ordinary, her meeting with the late American host is one that can be considered right out of a fairy tale book. In 1985, Alexis had found herself enjoying her time at the beach close to Johnny Carson's home, and wouldn't you know it, Johnny happened to be there on that fateful day. The two had met and were instantly attracted to each other, and it seems that the age difference did not matter.

Alexis Maas

Then in 1987, the two decided to tie the knot on June 20th at Johnny's Malibu beach house. The wedding was a low-key one and the ceremony was performed by Judge William Hogaboom while the best man was none other than  Johnny Carson's brother, Dick Carson. The couple spent their honeymoon in England where they also attended the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

After her marriage, Alexis also became the step-mother of Johnny Carson's children Cory Carson, Christopher Carson, and Richard Carson who he had with his first wife.

This couple not only proved that love knows no age, but also proved that chance meetings are very possible.

What Was Alexis Maas' Job? What is Alexis Maas' Net Worth?

One common question regarding Alexis that people tend to ask is what Alexis did before meeting up with her future husband, and whether she had a job at all. Well, not only did she have a job, but she was also able to live off comfortably with the money she earned.

Before she met up with Johnny Carson, Alexis was a stock brokerage employee and at the time, the average earning of an employee in this line of work was a few tens of thousands per year. That is in relation to the current average yearly salary which is approximated at $56,000 a year. At the time of her wedding with Johnny, some sites claim that her net worth was at approximately $100,000 while after the death of her husband, she became entitled to her husband's wealth. At that time, Johnny Carson's net worth was estimated to be $300 million.

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What Is Alexis Maas Carson Doing Now?

In the final moments of Johnny Carson's life, Alexis stayed beside her husband and made sure to let Johnny know that he was loved. It seems that while the family knew that there wasn't a lot of time left, the death was still something that they could not prepare for mentally, especially for Alexis. Since then, it would seem that Alexis has remained away from the media and kept her life locked from any public eye.

Now, in her late 60s, Alexis has become old and news of her rarely ever gets out. While not confirmed, it is believed that Alexis continues to live with her family while living a quiet and comfortable life, away from the hectic lifestyle surrounded by the media.

Facts And Trivia

  • Alexis was Johnny Carson's fourth wife.
  • She has had no accounts on social media sites until now.

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Published on 29 June, 2020

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