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Anna Gare is well-known as one of the top female chefs of Australia. Image Source: YouTube.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Anna Gare
Birth Day 03/10/1969
Birth place Subiaco, Western Australia
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Australian
Profession Musician, Cook, Television Personality, Author
Parents Bob Gare, Kate Gare
Husband/Wife Luc Longley
Sibling Tom Gare, Adam Gare, Sophie Gare
Children Jackson , Elsie , Clare Hanna , Lily Samantha
Personal Website
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Anna Gare is well-known as one of the best female chefs all across Australia and has spanned her reach all over the world. From appearing in Masterchef Australi Jr. to cooking for the queen, Anna is well-known as one of the best.

Despite this popularity and a huge fan base, there is still a lot that fans don't know about her, and continue to search all that they can about this wonderful chef.

Family And Early Life

Born on March 10th of 1969, Anna Gare was born as the youngest daughter in a family of six and had three older siblings. Anna Gare's parents were Bob Gare and Kate Gare while her siblings are named Tom Gare, Adam Gare, and Sophie Gare. As the youngest child, Anna sought out the attention from her siblings in the form of cooking and enjoyed it thoroughly.

At school, she started the tradition of a three-course $1 meal on Wednesdays made by her and her friends which is still continued to this day. At the age of 10, she and her sister and some other female friends started an all-female band called Jam Tarts and went on tours for 10 years before deciding to focus her career on cooking as she enjoyed that the most.

Anna Gare Net Worth And Career

Speaking about her career life, which can be considered as started from her school days, her cooking career started after her decade long music career. She had started her own catering company called Deluxe Catering which took off after her first gig at a wedding. With nonstop orders coming in, Anna had become quite popular and had become a part of several cooking-related shows and events. One of her best moments includes appearing on Masterchef Australia Junior and being able to cook for the Queen. She is also the author of three very well-received cookbooks called Delicious Every Day, Eat In, and Homemade.

Anna Gare chef

The prices of her cookbooks are as follows: 

Books Price
Eat In: The Best Food Is Made At Home    $13.32
 Homemade simply delicious food      $17.86
Delicious Every Day: Mostly healthy, always tasty $15.99

The books are all sold well, so much so that they often sell out and need to be re-stocked every now and then.

With so many accomplishments in her bag, many wonder how much wealth she may have accumulated throughout her career as a chef. In fact, many sites claim that Anna Gare's net worth is somewhere between $1 million to $6 million if not more. Looking at her successful career and achievements, this amount doesn't seem too far fetched, and when an official amount is released, it surely won't be too far off. As for her husband, Luc Longley's net worth is estimated at a grand of $20 million.

Who Is Anna Gare's Husband?

Anna Gare's husband is none other than the Australian pro basketball player and coach, Luc Longley with whom she shares two children from his previous relationship. Luc Longley and Anna Gare's children are Clare Hanna and Lily Samantha. Before being with Luc, Anna was previously married to a Perth musician with whom she shared two kids, Jackson and Elsie.

Anna and Luc got married in 2008 and the couple has had a wonderful relationship since. The two are often seen traveling to various places and with the many pictures that they share on their social media, one cannot deny that they have a very strong bond that will likely never waver.

Anna Gare's Children

Anna Gare has a total of four children, two from her previous marriage, and two from her current marriage with Luc Longley. All the kids love their mother and all of Anna Gare's children, Jackson and Elsie have grown up quite a bit. In November of 2019, Jackson graduated as a firefighter, and in December of the same year, Elsie graduated from her screen and social studies at Melbourne University.

The kids, all four, love spending time with Anna and are often seen on their mother's social media as they spend time together. Anna Gare and Luc Longley's daughters, both have also grown up quite a bit and while the sisters often spend time together, they also often get together with their parents. This family of Anna Gare's is truly very close and share a strong bond with each other.


At the moment, it seems that Anna is staying with her family in WA, Australia, and spends a wonderful time. The family also often travels to different places to spend time together. She also often meets up with her old friends and catches up with them and also shares it all on her social media.

Anna Gare lifestyle

Even when it's not for her shows, Anna cooks all the time and shares all the new dishes and recipes that she tries. Anna loves to try out new food from different countries, and more often than not, visits the country for the authentic taste. She then tries out new recipes and shares each new successful recipe on her website.

Facts And Trivia

  • She loves to spend her time on the beach and on boats.
  • She has had experience in swimming with whale sharks.
  • She has over 5500 followers on Instagram as of now.

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Published on 20 May, 2020

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