Debbie Shreve - Danny Trejo's Ex-Wife

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Debbie Shreve Trejo is well-known as Danny Trejo's ex-wife. Image Source: Getty Images.

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Birth Name Debbie Shreve
Birth Day 06/05/1957
Birth place Tarzana, California,
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality American
Profession Realtor
College/University Los Angeles Valley College
Children Gilbert Trejo, Danielle Trejo
Eye color Green
Hair Color Blond

Debbie Shreve is well-known as the ex-wife of the great actor Danny Trejo and her contribution to Hollywood as an actress, albeit for a short while. Even while married to a star, there was not a lot about Debbie's information out in the open and now, after a decade of her separation with the star, many have started to wonder what she is up to and want to know if there is anything known about her now.

As such, here is all there is to know about Danny Trejo's ex-wife Debbie Shreve Trejo.

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Childhood And Early Life

Born on June 5th of 1957, Debbie Shreve was born in Tarzana, California where she spent most of her time growing up. After spending most of her time in Tarzana, Debbie decided to continue her further education in Los Angeles and did exactly that. Debbie joined the Los Angeles Valley College and graduated from there.

It was also here that Debbie started growing accustomed to the fast-paced city life and also the place where she met her soon-to-be husband. While there isn't a lot available about Debbie's family background, we can say that Debbie grew up a life like many others and got to where she is through sheer hard work and a little bit of fate and luck.

Married Life With Danny Trejo

Ass stated prior, Debbie met Danny Trejo, her soon-to-be husband in Los Angeles during the 1990s. The two had been in a relationship for quite a while before tying the knot on December 12th, 1997. During the couple's married life, not only did Debbie become the step-mother of Danny Tejo's children from his past relationship, Rebecca Trejo and Danny Boy Trejo, but also became a mother of two of her own, Danielle Trejo and Gilbert Trejo.

Danny Trejo children

While in a married relationship with Danny, Debbie Shreve started making connections in Hollywood of her own and decided to join Hollywood as an actress, starting her career. Sadly, in 2009 the couple had a divorce, thankfully, not only did they split up without any enmity, but they are also still on friendly terms and often meet each other. As of now, it could be possible Danny Trejo's ex-wife Debbie is living a single and happy life, but then again, it is quite possible that Debbie is hiding her current relationship, and does not want the media to know.

Beginning With Acting And Her Career: What Is Debbie Shreve's Net Worth?

As mentioned, Debbie started making connections with people in Hollywood when she was living a married life with her then-husband, Danny Trejo. And so in 2005, Debbie made her debut as an actress but this career did not last long. In the short time that Debbie was involved in Hollywood, she was a part of only three works, and her most-known work is Vengeance and she had appeared alongside Danny.

Then after her split with the star, and hopes of a more 'dynamic' career, she decided to not act as a full-time job, and started to look for other career opportunities. Eventually, Debbie found herself as a realtor at Remax Olson and Associates where she is still working at. Her career in this field has taken off quite a bit, and with sales worth hundreds of thousands to more than a million, it goes without saying that she has earned a lot of money.

In the past few years, realtors have earned a hefty sum of money. While some realtor households have an average of roughly $50K a year, there are also some who have earned an average of $110K a year. And looking at the success these past few years, we can expect Debbie's income to be more on the higher end of the scale. Well, we can expect Debbie Shreve's net worth to be of a grand amount which is thanks to her career, & determination.


At the moment, it would seem that Debbie Shreve is spending her time working as a realtor agent during work hours, and the other time with her friends and kids. Debbie is very secretive of her life and even on her social media, most of Debbie's posts and tweets are related to her work. As such, it goes without saying that Debbie is more focused on her work, and knows to keep her private life hidden.

Currently residing in Northridge, California, Danny's ex-partner Debbie Shreve is someone who is also very kind-hearted and often does work for the community from the goodness of her heart. From taking part in several charity runs to giving out free pumpkins during the fall, Debbie Shreve's lifestyle, as well as Debbie herself, is one that many people admire the most and it does not seem like this admiration will be going anywhere.

Facts And Trivia

  • Debbie knows how to juggle and does it pretty well.
  • In all her movies, she had appeared alongside Danny Trejo.

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Published on 22 June, 2020

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