Gilbert Trejo - Danny Trejo's Son And Actor

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Gilbert Trejo is well-known as Dany Trejo's look-alike son. Image Source:Getty Images

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Gilbert Brian Trejo
Birth Day 03/08/1998
Birth place Los Angeles County, California
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Profession Actor, producer
Parents Danny Trejo, Debbie Trejo
Husband/Wife Tayler Treadwell
Sibling Danielle Trejo, Esmeralda Trejo, Danny Boy Trejo, Jose Trejo
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black

Well-known as the son of Danny Trejo as well as an actor, writer, producer, and director with great skills, Gilbert Trejo is someone who is a well-known name in Hollywood. Thanks to his father being a well-known actor himself and also thanks to his hard work, determination, and great skills, Gilbert has come a long way.

But despite all this fame that Gilbert holds, there is still an air of mystery surrounding him that need answers, which we have tried to answer below.

Early Life And Family

Born on March 8th of 1988, Gilbert Brian Trejo's parents are none other than Danny Trejo and Debbie Trejo. Born in Los Angeles County, California to celebrity parents, it goes without saying that Gilbert grew up as a kind of neighbor to Hollywood, and it seems that the Hollywood family has been very kind to him. Sadly, however, this happiness did not come without some problems of his own during his childhood, which was his parents' divorce.

While still in his early twenties, Gilbert Trejo's parents decided to have a divorce after about 22 years of being together. Of course, this did leave a bad impression on him, but it seems that he still has a great relationship with both his parents as well as his siblings Danielle Trejo, Esmeralda Trejo, Danny Boy Trejo, and Jose Trejo. That aside, what made his childhood really amazing was his introduction to Hollywood, not only as a visitor but as an actor.

Getting Into Acting: What Is Gilbert Trejo's Net Worth?

As stated prior, Gilbert Trejo started his career in Hollywood at a very young age. In fact, according to IMDb when Trejo managed to get his first role he was no more than a 10-year-old kid in the 1998 movie Soundman, and despite his skills being amazing, he did not join permanently in Hollywood until much later. Since joining in for the first time, Gilbert took a long break, to say the least, and was off the Hollywood radar for around eight years before appearing again in the 2006 movie High Hopes as well as Machete where he appeared alongside his father.

After a few more years of break, Gilbert started appearing in more works and became a permanent Hollywood member starting from 2018. Well, he is not only an actor but also as a producer and director, the latest one being From A Son which is still currently in its post-production stage. Of course, in his short time in Hollywood, Gilbert has become someone who is well-recognized by fans, especially with that uncanny look similar to his father's. So much so that even his earnings and wealth are in no way small. Well, looking at his ventures, one can imagine Gilbert Trejo's net worth to be of a grand sum, most of which he has earned from his career in Hollywood, and with the way things are going for him, it would seem that this amount will increase very soon.

As speaking of his father Danny Trejo, he himself has an estimated net worth of $8 million

Who Is Gilbert Trejo's Wife? Is He Divorced?

The kid of a star and a star himself, Dany Trejo's look-alike son, Gilbert is someone who many women would like to have for themselves. Slowly waiting for an opportunity to steal his heart, these women were devastated to learn that Gilbert's heart was already stolen by someone else, and that person was none other than Gilbert Trejo's wife and long time girlfriend, Tayler Treadwell, now however it seems to be someone else.

Gilbert Trejo marriage

Gilbert and Tayler first met back in the late 2000s, the two had been together in a relationship for a long time before tying the knot in mid-2016 at the Hollywood American Legion Post 43. At the time, Gilbert was a screenwriter and a musician while Tayler was Aaron De Mey's makeup assistant. The wedding was everything that one would want and included a vegan Funfetti wedding cake from Karma Baker and tacos for dinner from Danny Trejo's restaurant, Trejo's Tacos.

Gilbert Trejo Girlfriend And Love Life

However, a quick scroll through Gilbert's and Tayler's Instagram gives some rather questioning thoughts. Not only have the two not shared a picture of each other since 2018, but a quick look at Gilbert Trejo's Instagram shows that his new love is none other than Starcrawler's lead singer Arrow De Wilde. The two seemed to have gotten in a relationship sometime in 2018 and have been together since. While many are happy for the couple, several others are still wondering what happened to the relationship with Tayler, a question whose answer has yet to be addressed.

Whether a divorce caused by some internal conflicts or a split up without an official divorce happened seems to be an unanswered question. But his current love life Arrow seems to be very strong and going in the right direction. With pictures of each other posted almost every day and spending time almost every time is just a small proof to know that they have a strong affection for each other, and with the way things are going, this bond will likely only get stronger.

Lifestyle And Tattoos

At the moment, it would seem that Gilbert and Arrow are spending time with each other as much as possible. Not only are they spending time with each other, and enjoying the company of one another, but they also make sure to share these pictures on their social media for their fans. From Christmas to Valentine's to just another simple day that they spend as a couple is a precious moment for them that they cherish quite a bit.

Gilbert Trejo Arrow De Wilde

With tons of tattoos over his body, it also shows that Gilbert loves ink quite a bit and some of his tattoos include Live Fast on the right arm, In Memories Of Uncle George with a mickey mouse inked on his chest, and a heart with a ribbon around his left shoulder along with his many other tattoos. All of these tattoos share a story and many of them are quite important to him, and as time goes on he might get more meaningful ones.

Facts And Trivia

  • He has 34.9K followers on Instagram.
  • He was named after Danny Trejo's uncle.

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Published on 17 June, 2020

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