Dionne Lea Williams - Keith David's Wife

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Keith David's wife, Dionne Lea Williams is an actress, singer and producer. Image Source: Dionne Lea Williams' Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Dionne Lea
Nationality American
Profession Actress, Singer
Husband/Wife Keith David
Children Maelee Williams and Ruby Williams
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Brown

Dionne Lea Williams is the wife of the famous actor, comedian, and voice actor Keith David. Just like her husband, Dionne is also active in the entertainment industry. However, she mostly focuses on the music side of the industry.

While her fame is not as widespread as her husband's, Williams has starred in a few movies, is a singer, and hosts a podcast. She is also very vocal about the various social issues going on around the world.

Relationship And Children

Dionne Lea and her husband Keith, have been married for nineteen years now. The actor revealed in the podcast The Way I Am...Now, which Dionne produces, that he met his wife in Indiana in a place called New Horizon, and it reflected what she brought in his life. In the podcast, David talks about his wife and the mistakes that he made in the relationship and the hard work to maintain a healthy life. Now the couple seems to enjoy a very happy and lovely time in their lives with their children.

Dionne Lea Williams Married.

The pair have two daughters together, Maelee Williams and Ruby Williams. Both of the girls have been a part of the podcast that their mother hosts and produces. The family seems to be very close to each other, and Lea Williams' Instagram profile is filled with pictures of their daughter's accomplishments, just like every other proud parent.

Dionne Lea Williams' Net Worth And Earnings

Just like her husband, the actress is also a part of the music and acting business. Dionne Lea Williams' net worth comprises of her earnings from her acting, singing, and her podcast. As for her husband, Keith David's net worth is estimated at a grand of $3 million.

Income As An Actress

According to her IMDb page, Dionne Williams' debut in acting was in the movie Hellbent in a small role. Following this, she has starred in many films and tv series like American Fusion, ER, Now Here, No Bad Days, among others.

All of these movies and show must have helped increase Dionne Lea Williams' earnings. And with a few other films lined up for release in the near future, it won't be a surprise if her net worth rises to new heights after the release.

Income From Singing And Podcast

Along with acting, Dionne is a very talented singer. She has performed live in various places as a single performer. Her soulful voice has mesmerized many of the listeners, and it has surely helped in her performing career. From her various live performances around the country, Dionne must have earned a hefty sum.

Not only this, but the performer also produces and hosts a podcast called, The Way I Am...Now. In the podcast, she talks about her life experiences and the impact it had on her. She also shares an inspirational message along with her stories. The podcast is somewhat of a family thing as her husband, and two daughters have narrated a few of its episodes. 


  • Dionne Lea Williams and her husband Keith David have been married for nineteen years now.
  • She has a stepson, Owen Williams, from her husband's previous marriage.
  • Both Dianne and her husband are activists and have been vocal about domestic abuse.
  • The family recently collaborated with the American Red Cross to help people during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • According to her Instagram, Dionne celebrates her birthday on February 10.

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Published on 15 April, 2020

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