Flynn Earl Jones - James Earl Jones' Son

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Flynn Earl Jones with his father James Earl Jones and mother Cecilia Hart. Image Source; Getty Images.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Flynn Earl Jones
Birth Day 06/22/1982
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Profession Voice Actor
Parents James Earl Jones, Cecilia Hart
Husband/Wife Lorena Monagas
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Flynn Earl Jones is the son of popular American actors James Earl Jones and late Cecilia Hart Jones. According to Fandom Wiki, Flynn was born on June 22, 1982. His parents met on the set of Paris and were together till his mother, Cecilia's death in 2016.

Born in the family of actors, Flynn must have an inclination towards the craft in some way or another. With Robert Earl Jones, an actor, and prizefighter, as his grandfather and Matthew Earl Jones, producer, actor, as his half-uncle, it won't come as a surprise if Jones decides to pursue a career in the industry.

Great Bonding With Parents

James and his son Flynn Earl Jones seem to have a great relationship. While his father's relationship with his grandfather was less than ideal, Flynn and his father have always had a great bond. They were seen attending many events together along with Cecilia, Jones's mother, before her death in 2016. 

Flynn Earl Jones with father and grandfather.

According to James, his father, Robert, who himself was a popular actor and boxer, abandoned his family to pursue his career and he didn't want to abandon his son as his father did to him. James was raised by his maternal grandparents.

Net Worth And Earnings 

According to some news outlets, Flynn also worked as his father's assistant. As an active veteran actor, James definitely needs his son's assistance while working. Regarding his work, James said in an interview that he can't see himself stopping. He says that there's nothing he would retire from acting for, so he doesn't envision himself ever retiring.

Flynn Earl Jones with his parents.

Flynn has a single credit on his IMDb page for the movie Warning Shot. This might be because he was his father's assistant on set as he is credited in the category of Special Thanks. As for his father, James Earl Jones's net worth is estimated to be $45 million. So, we can assume that Flynn Earl Jones' net worth to be of a commendable amount.

Nevertheless, we are very happy to learn about Flynn helping out his father to continue doing his work even at this age.

Following In His Father's Footsteps

It has been reported that the son of the actor, James Earl Jones, who is known for his authoritative voice, has also started narrating romantic novels. Being the son of a man who voiced iconic characters like Darth Vader in the Star Wars franchise and Mufasa in The Lion King, the news of Jones narrating books does not come as a huge surprise.

Flynn Earl Jones with father.

Apparently, Flynn has recorded the audiobook of "Heartthrob" by Ahren Sanders, the third part of the book series The Bennett Brothers. Seeing as the book has great reviews from its readers, we are excited to hear what Flynn has done to make it even more enjoyable.

Has Been Married Since 2019

According to reports, James Earl Jones's son Flynn Earl Jones married Lorena Monagas on November 29, 2019. Just like his father, Flynn Earl Jones' wife is also into acting business. The pair got married in the Tarrytown House Estate, New York, US. They also have a wedding video which showcases their beautiful ceremony.

Flynn Earl Jones married.

Jones has done a commendable job in maintaining the secrecy around his relationship. Nevertheless, we wish that Flynn and Lorena have a blissful married life and hope that they open up about their relationship in the future. 

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