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Lynn Griffith is recognized as the former wife of actor Dennis Haysbert. Image Source: Social Media.

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Birth Name Lynn Griffith
Nationality Canadian
Profession Actress
Children Charles Haysbert and Katherine Haysbert
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black

Lynn Griffith is the ex-wife of the famous American actor Dennis Haysbert. He has been part of many well-known movies and television series, including Major League, Absolute Power, 24, and Far from Heaven. Lynn's ex-husband is also recognized for his commercials for the insurance company Allstate Insurance.

While she is mostly known for her relationship with Dennis Haysbert, Lynn Griffith herself is an actress. She has starred in a few tv-shows and movies over the years and has created a place for herself in the industry.

Lynn Griffith Net Worth Anc Career

Lynn Griffith started her career in the movie industry in the 1990s with a small role in the television movie, The Uninvited. She then appeared in shows like Robbery Homicide Division, ER, 90210, and The Bernie Mac Show.

Griffith only played minor roles in many of these television shows but had a significant role in the short film Unbound, released in 2012. Lynn has not starred in any projects since then, but her previous acting jobs have impacted many people.

While she has stopped appearing in films, Lynn has used her time to brush up on culinary skills. She once operated a small bakery named Katie's Bakery in the Pasadena area, where you could find gluten-free products. The little shop garnered attention from the local people and is possibly running well for a few years.

Lynn Griffith Bio.

Even if there is no exact information about Lynn Griffith's net worth, it is clear that she has earned a significant amount from the numerous appearances she has done in television series, short films, and movies. Also, she must have made a substantial amount as the founder and executive chef of her bakery. As for her ex-husband, Dennis Haysbert's net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

Was Married To Dennis Haysbert

In addition to her acting career, Lynn Griffith is also known for her relationship with the talented actor Dennis Haysbert. The pair got married in 1989 and were happy in their relationships. After twelve years together, their relationship took a sour turn and ended in divorce in 2001.

While the details about their marriage and divorce have not been revealed to the world, it seems like after more than a decade together, Dennis Haysbert and Lynn Griffith fell out of love and opted for a divorce. There is no information regarding their divorce proceedings and if Lynn received any amount as a divorce settlement.

Dennis Haysbert Lynn Griffith Marriage.

Lynn was not Haysbert's first wife, as he was previously married to Elena Simms for four years. The former couple wed on the 13th of April, 1980. Dennis had just started acting then, and his career had not flourished yet. The pair then divorced in 1984, and Haysbert went on to marry Lynn.

Has Two Children

During her twelve-year marriage with Dennis, Lynn Griffith gave birth to two children, Charles Haysbert and Katherine Haysbert. They were born and brought up in California, and among the two, Charles followed in his parent's footsteps and has been part of the movie industry. He has worked as a producer in a few short films and was an assistant director in a few projects.

On the other hand, Griffith and Haysbert's daughter, Katherine, attended the University of California and was on track and field team. She reportedly graduated from Alverno High School. She took part in many championships and even won an 800m race at the Sacramento State Open in 2017.

Even though Dennis has found fame from his acting career, he and Lynn have worked hard to keep their children's life away from the media. Apart from the abovementioned information, not much is known about Haysbert's children. Nevertheless, there is no doubt whatever career the siblings choose; both parents are proud of them.

Lives Away From The Spotlight

Just like her children, Lynn Griffith has also chosen to live her life away from the spotlight. Even during her marriage with the famous actor, Lynn was rarely seen in any industry events. Now, after the divorce, she has kept her life hidden from the world.

As far as we know, Griffith also has no social media presence, which comes as no surprise seeing her love for her privacy. Nonetheless, we hope that Dennis Haysbert's ex-wife is living a content life. And on top of that, the information regarding Lynn Griffith's parents & siblings is also a mystery.


  • Lynn Griffith is Canadian and worked to Americanize her accent for various roles.
  • She opened up her own bakery after learning to make gluten-free food for her daughter.
  • She operates her bakery with the help of her son, Charles Haysbert.

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