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Barry Willliam' wife Tina Mahina chose to live her life away from the spotlight. Image Source: Barry Williams Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Tina Mahina
Birth Day 04/26/1966
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Profession Professional hula dancer
Husband/Wife Barry Williams
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black

The wife of "The Brady Bunch" star, Barry Williams since 2017, Tina Mahina is one of those women whose love story is like a fairy tale. With a story similar to something out of a book, Barry and Tina are living a wonderful life together. However, when asked about her, one would hardly know anything.

Because information on her is scarce and not available, many would fear that they won't learn anything about her anytime soon. However, there happens to be enough information on her scattered around the web to help us get a brief idea about her background. We have gathered these pieces of information and hope to answer some of the questions that you might have about Barry Williams' wife, Tina Mahina.

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Early Life

Tina Mahina was born on the 26th of April back in 1966, and ever since she was a small child, Tina was someone who was well-loved by her family and friends. Tina did not have a particularly famous background but because of her personality, she was someone who would get noticed easily.

As a child, Tina was a wonderful singer and loved to dance, but at the time, that was no more than a hobby. Through some friends and connections, however, Tina managed to turn this hobby into a career that eventually led her towards her husband. 

What Is Tina Mahina's Net Worth? What Did She Do Before Meeting Her Husband?

Well, Tina is a talented and professional Hula dancer. As stated prior, Tina loved to sing and dance as a hobby, and it was only in the later years that she was able to make full use of these skills. At one point in time, Tina was able to join a company that would help find corporate events to perform in. She would perform beautifully, and at times, become the star of the show. However, in the beginning, Tina might not have been too content with how her body looked.

This can be said so because she decided to get breast implants. Now, however, it seems that Tina is more than happy with how she looks because, during late December of 2019 to early January of 2020, Tina decided to get them explanted, and is now recovering at a fast rate. Of course, while Tina can be said to be the wife of a celebrity now, Tina's work was one that, unlike her husband, did not earn her hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Thus, an estimate for what Tina Mahina's net worth could be is yet a mystery.

On the other hand, Tina Mahina's husband Barry Williams' net worth has been estimated at a grand of $6 million.

How Did Tina Mahina meet Barry Williams?

An interview by Press Reader tells us that Barry met Tina sometime during 2013-2014 through a mutual friend. Barry had been invited to an event where the mutual friend had them introduce to each other, shortly after which the two started dating. Three years after being together, Barry made his proposal and wouldn't you know it, he was greeted with the biggest and happiest yes.

The couple then shared their vows on July 9th of 2017. During the whole ordeal, all of Barry's family were also present, and the best memory of it all was probably when Barry Williams' son, Brandon Williams made a roast-like toast and made people laugh. Some other guests included Barry's brother Christopher Knight along with some close friends, family, and relatives.

Tina Mahina wedding

The reception too was no less of a surprise for Tina as Barry flew in a Las Vegas-based impersonator to sing Fly Me To The Moon which is one of the couple's favorite songs.


At the moment, it seems clear that the couple is spending their time together and letting each other know how much they mean to each other. This couple is one of those perfect examples that shows that you need not be young to fall in love. Barry also makes sure to share memories like Valentine's Day, Tina's birthday, Christmas, and other such special events he shares with Tina on his Instagram, while Tina does the same on her Twitter.

All in all, one can say that the couple is making sure to live life to the best that they can. Spending time as a family, enjoying their time together, and traveling and meeting up with friends, the journey of this couple has only just begun and they are sure to have a wonderful time together in the days to come.

Facts And Trivia

  • At the time of their wedding, Tina was 51 and Barry was 62.
  • She has only 117 followers on Twitter as of now.
  • The name of her husband's ex-wives are Diane Martin and Eila Mary Matt

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Published on 01 July, 2020

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