Christina Mangosing, Louis Gossett Jr.'s Ex-wife And Baby Mama

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Louis Gossett Jr.'s ex-wife and baby mama, Christina Mangosing lived a happy life. Image Source: Social Media.

Louis Gossett Jr. is a well-known African American actor who has starred in more than two hundred movies and television series. He has been nominated and won several awards for his fantastic acting abilities, which garnered attention from millions of people worldwide.

Due to the immense amount of fame he received from his acting career, much of Louis Gossett Jr.'s personal life and relationships have been in the news for years. Especially his marriage with his ex-wife and baby mama Christina Mangosing.

Who Is Louis Gossett Jr.'s Ex-wife Christina Mangosing?

Christina Mangosing is the ex-wife of the famous actor Louis Gossett. This was the second marriage for the actor as he had previously wed Hattie Glascoe in August 1964 but later annulled their marriage. Gossett Jr. then met Mangosing and, after dating for some time, got married on August 21, 1973.

Louis Gossett Jr. Christina Mangosing.

A year after their marriage, the lovely couple were blessed with a baby boy. Christina Mangosing gave birth to their son, Satie Gossett, in 1974, and the family was delighted with the new addition. However, not long after, Louis divorced Christina, and their marriage ended,

Mother Of A Son

While their relationship did not lead to a happy ending, it resulted in a beautiful child who brought happiness to Louis Gossett Jr. and his ex-wife, Christina Mangosing's life. After the separation in 1975, Satie Gossett grew up in California with his father.

The former couple's son is now an adult and a father himself. Satie has followed in his father's footsteps and established a career in the entertainment industry. However, unlike his father, he works behind the camera and has written and directed projects like Jewtholic, Forgiveness, 10 Minutes, among others.

Lawsuit Against Her Ex-husband

After the divorce, Satie Gossett was raised by his father, Louis Gossett Jr., but still visited his mother. In one of the interactions, young Satie reportedly told his mother that his father's then-girlfriend, Honey Ruffner, had given him a white powder during breakfast.

After learning about the incident, Louis Gossett Jr.'s baby mama, Christina, sued him and his girlfriend, saying that the pair gave the seven-year-old boy cocaine. The young boy was taken away from his father after authorities found 0.098 grams of powder containing cocaine during a raid in the actor's home.

The charges were dropped a few months later, and Louis regained the custody of his son. Both the actor and Ruffner pleaded innocent and asked to be placed in drug counseling programs.

Life After Divorce With Louis Gossett Jr.

Even with the eyes of millions of people behind his back, Louis Gossett Jr. lived his life away from the spotlight. Similarly, his ex-wife and baby mama, Christina Mangosing, also shied away from the media. There is hardly any information about her whereabouts, but on Mother's Day 2020, her son, Satie, posted a dedication to his mother, which stated that she had passed away twenty years ago.

Christina Mangosing Satie Gossett.

Whether she married anyone after her divorce is unknown, but we hope that the beautiful Christina lived her life to the fullest. And there is no doubt that she is proud of the man that her son has become.

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