Where Is Dennis Haysbert's Ex-wife Elena Simms Now? Were Married For 4 Years

BY PALISTHA Updated on 17 March, 2021

Elena Simms was married to actor Dennis Haysbert before he found fame. Image Source: Social Media.

Dennis Haysbert is a famous actor and voice-actor who has starred in many movies and television series, including Major League, Absolute Power, The Unit, 24, and many others.

Dennis Haysbert has found fame from his acting abilities and gained thousands of fans around the world, and won their hearts. However, he has had bad luck in his personal life and has two failed marriages.

Dennis Haysbert's Ex-wife Elena Simms

Elena Simms is the first wife of the famous American actor Dennis Haysbert. The couple met when Dennis was only in his twenties and got married on April 13, 1980. Elena must have been in her twenties too when she married the talented actor.

Dennis Haysbert Ex-wife Elena Simms.

The couple married just when Haysbert's acting career started in 1979. They were happy with their marriage for years, but something changed in their life, and then the pair divorced on August 17, 1984. In the four years of their marriage, the couple did not have any children, so their divorce might have been completed without any hindrance.

Why Did Dennis Haysbert And Elena Simms Get Divorce?

Since their marriage and divorce, both happened before Dennis gained recognition from his acting career, there is little to no information about it. However, it seems like Haysbert's dream to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry must have caused a problem in his marriage with his ex-wife Elena Simms.

Dennis Haysbert and Elena Simms officially divorced in 1984, after four years of marriage. Whether or not they had any divorce settlement is unknown, and since it happened so long ago, it looks like neither Haysbert nor Simms will ever talk about their relationship.

Where Is Dennis Haysbert's Ex-wife Elena Simms Now?

Dennis was married to Elena long before he found recognition as an actor. The pair were together for four years, and after the divorce, Simms chose to stay away from the spotlight.

As for Haysbert, he found love once again in actress Lynn Griffith. The duo married in 1989 and has two children together. However, their romance fizzled out, and then the couple divorced in 2001. Even though he has had two marriages that ended in divorce, Dennis's success from his career might be the perfect balm for the situation.

Dennis Haysbert Divorce.

While the famous actor has lived his life to the fullest, his ex-wife, Elena Simms, has disappeared from the limelight. Whether or not she found love again and got married is unknown, but we hope that she is living a happy life.

Dennis Haysbert Children

While Dennis did not have any children from his first marriage with Elena Simms, he fathered two children with his second wife. He has a son, Charles Haysbert, and a daughter, Katharine Haysbert.

Among the two, Charles followed in his father's footsteps and has been a part of a few short films. However, unlike his father, he is mostly involved behind the scenes as a producer and as a part of the camera department. He has been part of short films like Afternoons with Lester, The Wedding, and Cessation, among others.

On the other hand, Dennis's daughter chose to stay away from the public eyes. Nevertheless, the talented actor must be very proud of his children, whether they followed in his footsteps or not.

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