Who Is James Murray's Soon To Be Wife Melyssa Davies? The Impractical Jokers Star Was Previously Married As Well

BY WNIHAL Published on 24 November, 2019 Updated on 31 January, 2020

James Murray's fiance Melyssa Davies just graduated nursing school. Photo Source: People, ExtraTV.

The amazing comedian, James Murray's soon to be wife, Melyssa Davies just finished nursing school. She was proposed to on the 30th of August, 2019 in New Jersey. And Although there have been certain rumors about James being gay, it looks like they've all been waived since the couple of Melyssa and James are getting married next year.

The proposal was quite adorably executed by Murray and it took Davies by surprise. She admitted that she couldn't be happier, that she could be herself around him and that she'd been wanting to marry him for a while now herself. The pair first met during a launch party James threw.

50K Fans Helped James Murray Propose His Fiance Melyssa 

James Murray and his partner, Melyssa took their first vacation together in Turk and Caicos and that's exactly when John said that he loved her with the help of a scrabble board, which was months ago before the proposal. While his initial plan was to ask her out in the same place, the Hurricane Dorian created a bit of hassle for them which made them cancel the trip. Even though it wasn't his original plan, Murray popped the question to Melyssa just outside the home they bought together in New Jersey, much to her surprise.

James Murray and Melyssa Davies engaged

The comedian Murr set up a picnic and added some champagne to the plan along with a Scrabble Board on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Melyssa was asked the question by having the phrase Would you marry me? spelled out in the scrabble board by Murray. And we can assure you Murr's fiance found it super romantic which it definitely was since the board is hanging on their wall now. Not to mention the stunningly gorgeous Tiffany & Co. solitaire round diamond ring on a plain band which Davies can't stop looking at. Can Murray be any more romantic?

Melyssa Davies engagement ring

Moreover, he secretly filmed thousands of fans asking Melyssa to marry him, so, he got to show his lover a video of probably over 50K people asking her to marry him. Now this includes fans from all across America and all of them had kept it a secret for over 6 months. We can't even begin to imagine the overwhelming feeling of joy Melyssa must have felt by this unimaginably romantic gesture by her soon-to-be husband.

Melyssa met her soon-to-be husband in a Party

The Impractical Jokers' actor, James Murray and his gorgeous partner's fateful day began with the party that Murray threw for publishing his best-selling novel, Awakened. The pair met at the party and hit it off that night immediately as there was immediate chemistry and James felt grateful that he finished the book. Who knew that the coincidental meeting would lead Melyssa and James to the 30th of August, 2019, the day they got engaged.

Melyssa Davies and James Murray engaged

Now, the engaged couple of Murray and Davies are planning a wedding in Rhode Island in the fall of next year, 2020 and are looking forward to building their future together. The other three lads, Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, and Brian Quinn better not pull any weird pranks on the big day.

In the final episode of Season 3, James Murray legally married Sal Vulcano's sister Jenna Vulcano in front of him while his mouth was duct-taped. The marriage was annulled right after the honeymoon night. Jenna Vulcano's ex-husband, Murray stated that this prank was revenge for his skydiving punishment given by Sal previously. Nonetheless, this time it looks like James is looking for a long haul with Melyssa Davies, who is striving to work in the field of geriatric and hospice care and is of a kind and generous temper. James has seen that first-hand.

We wish the couple the best their future marital life has to offer. And hope to see a junior Impractical joker soon.

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