Matthew Nelson's Wife Kari Ahlstrom, Married Since 2013

BY CHIRAG Updated on 12 February, 2021

Matthew Nelson's wife, Kari Ahlstrom is very secretive about her life. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Matthew Nelson is a well-known singer-songwriter who, along with his twin brother Gunnar Nelson was a part of the band called Nelson. The band's #1 hit, (Can't Live Without Your)Love And Affection released in 1990 is one of the fans' most favorite song and the band has released several hits throughout the years. While the two brothers are pretty well-known, the same cannot be said about their personal life.

While on the topic of personal, why not discuss a bit about one of the brothers' Matthew Nelson's personal life, and what can be more personal than their relationship. So let's talk, and learn, about Matthew Nelson's wife Kari Ahlstrom Nelson.

Who Is Kari Ahlstrom Nelson?

Kari Ahlstrom was born on May 7th, 1974. While both the twins' wives, Kari as well as Gunnar Nelson's wife, Lila Kersavage Nelson, are secretive, there is even less information about Kari out there than Lila. As such, other than her birthday, fans and the media, have no clue about her. What we do know, however, is that unlike Lila, who was previously married to someone else and had children, Kari's first husband has always been Matthew Nelson.

Matthew Nelson family

Kari, prior to her marriage with Matthew, has been said to have been a model and an actress, and looking at how pretty she is, this is something one need not question. However, one can hardly find any of the projects that she had once been a part of. But one thing is clear, however, and it is the fact that Kari must have been pretty popular among movie enthusiasts. For these things to be revealed in the future is something many fans are hoping for, whether it will happen or not, however, is something they will need to wait and see for themselves.

Now Married to Matthew Nelson

It has yet to be revealed exactly how and when Kari and Matthew met each other, but popular belief leads to say that it might have been during a concert or a tour. Whether it is true or not, one need not guess that it was love at first sight. Sure enough, the two would then start dating each other and on September 23rd of 2013, the two tied the knot, officially becoming husband and wife.

Well, it was probably Kari's first marriage. However, her husband Matthew was previously married to Yvette Nelson from 1995 to 2011.

Almost a year after the marriage, Kari gave birth to Matthew Nelson's son Ozzie Matthew Nelson on August 29th, 2014, and the family of two became of a family of three. Since then the family has been living a wonderful life together and although pictures are rare, photos of Matthew Nelson's family are often shared on holidays, including Christmas, Halloween, and New Year on The Nelson brothers' shared Instagram account.

In those pictures, the family makes sure that the fans know how wonderful time they are having as a family and also hope for their fans to have one as well. Of course, because Kari's pictures are pretty rare, fans also take this time to compliment how pretty Kari is, whether Matt gets jealous of this, however, is a matter that will likely stay a secret forever.

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Published on 24 July, 2020

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