Who Is Chris Simms' Wife Danielle Marie Puleo? Love Life And Children

BY SB Updated on 15 January, 2021

Chris Simms and Danielle Marie Puleo has been married since 2004. Image Source: Chris Simms Twitter.

Chris Simms is a former NFL player and a successful sportscaster who currently co-hosts the NBC Sports  Radio/NBCSN program ProFootballTalk Live. He gained a lot of popularity for his brilliant college career. Other than that, he is also former quarterback Phil Simms's son. Chris married his wife Danielle Marie Puleo on August 1, 2004, before he started his first season in NFL. 

Danielle and Chris knew each other since high school. They went to the same school, Ramapo High School. The couple was probably in a long term relationship before they finally got married in 2004. They have been happily together since, showing no signs of ever letting their unaltered love for each other fade away. We will be discussing more about Danielle in this article, so don't forget to stick to the end.

Chris Simms's Wife Danielle is a Fashion Designer

Danielle was born to father Robert V Puleo and mother Gloria A Puleo on 19 November 1980. She was interested in design from an early age, so accordingly, she graduated in fashion designing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. But, she worked as the manager for her parents in an Italian restaurant in New York before marriage. After marrying Chris, her current professional life is still unknown because of the couple's privacy.

Relationship with Chris 

As we already mentioned, the couple's love story dates back to high school, and after probably years of inseparable bonding, they finally got married. Chris and Danielle are seen together on numerous occasions. The most promising example of their bond was seen when Chris was allegedly caught smoking marijuana while driving. Danielle fully supported him by doing everything she could, from hiring a lawyer to emotional encouragement, all while she was eight months pregnant.

Chris Simms's wife Danielle with children.

The above example is just one of many describing their immense love between them. So, the relationship between Chris and Danielle seems pretty strong as of now.

Danielle Marie Puleo's Net Worth

Danielle studied fashion designing, and deducing her profession being the same is common knowledge. Still, having worked as a manager previously, we can not really say what she is currently doing because of her low social media profile. If she is indeed doing fashion designing, she must be earning quite decently. As per Payscale, fashion designers make about $65,031 annually on average. So, Danielle Marie Puleo's net worth must be a considerable one. However, some sites mention her net worth to be around $100,000. 

Children and LifeStyle

Danielle and Chris have two children- daughter Sienna Rose Simms and son Phillip Simms. Their children sure are making the family lively. Sienna Rose was born in 2006  while Phillip was born in 2010. As we have mentioned, again and again, the couple loves privacy more than anything, so they have also managed to keep their children off from the social media influence. 

The only thing we can do right now is to wish this amazing couple for a happy life with hopes of getting to know more about them in the future.

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Published on 20 September, 2020

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