Dulé Hill Net Worth - Salary From Psych And The West Wing And Other Well Known TV Series

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Dule Hill has managed to make quite a bot of earning as an actor. Image Source: Dule's net worth

The star of well-known shows like Psych and The West Wing, actor Dule Hill, is an extremely talented individual with more than a few credits as an actor in TV shows. Having started his acting career in 1998, Dule has managed to come a long way, both in fame and in riches. So much so that now, Dule Hill's net worth has been estimated at a grand of $8 million.

The actor's skills have shown a lot of growth ever since he first appeared and is still growing with each role he plays. Now, with hundreds of thousands of fans, it goes without saying that he is popular. And this popularity also comes with several questions from his fans. One very popular question being, how has the actor managed to earn his wealth. The answer to this is in this article. 

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Dulé Hill Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, actor Dulé Hill's net worth is estimated at a grand of $8 million most of which he has earned from his outstanding career as an actor. As his main source of income, Hill has managed to give his very best and his efforts can clearly be seen by his fans. Some of the actor's most popular shows include:

  • The West Wing
  • Psych
  • Suits
  • Ballers
  • Doubt

Aside from TV shows, Dule Hill has also appeared in quite a few films. While most of them are movies made from different stories from the TV shows, there are also some which have no relation to any shows. Some of these include Gravy, Sleight, and Miss Dial. Nevertheless, because of his popularity, it is expected that Dule Hill's salary must be somewhere between $200K to $500K per episode, if not more. Nonetheless, we can say that Dule Hill's net worth is well worth the effort he puts in his work, and maybe soon, we might see an increase in it again.

Dule Hill salary

Aside from acting, Hill also has a few credits as a producer for a number of Psych's episodes as well as credits as an executive producer for a few movies. While it may not be too much, we can expect Dule to have made some earnings from there as well. 


Dule Hill's wife, Jazmyn Simon along with their kids, lives in a 1970 house which is beautifully furnished. The house was the decision of Jazmyn and the couple immediately grew in love with it. The house is 4000sq.ft and the entire renovation process can be seen on Netflix's show Styling Hollywood starring Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis. The house is extremely beautiful and has more than a few memories joined with it already, including the birth of Dule Hill's son, Levi Dule Hill.

Dule Hill lifestyle

The couple also shares a daughter, Kennedy who is from Simon's previous relationship. The family is living wonderfully and often takes time to spend together while traveling to places. A quick look through the star's Instagram also shows that the family shares a strong bond together and from the way things are going, it seems that this bond will stay strong.

Facts And Trivia

  • He has over 311K followers on Instagram as of now.
  • Considers Martin Sheen as his best friend.
  • Is a skilled tap dancer.

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Published on 30 April, 2020

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