Elizabeth Daily Net Worth - Has Amassed Millions As A Voice Actress

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Elizabeth Daily Net Worth
$15 million

Elizabeth Daily earned millions from her career as a voice actor. Image Source: Instagram/ realegdaily.

Birth Name Elizabeth Ann Guttman
Birth place Los Angeles, California, USA
Profession Voice actress and Singer
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Hair Color Blonde

American voice actress, singer, and actress, Elizabeth Daily or E.G. Daily, has been part of hundreds of movies and television series since her debut in the late 1970s. She has voiced many iconic characters in her career and also written and produced music.

The multitalented star is one of the most sought voice actresses in the entertainment industry, which has helped her accumulate a massive fortune. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Elizabeth Daily's net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

Elizabeth Daily Net Worth And Earnings

As stated above, the well-known voice actress, Elizabeth Daily, has accumulated a vast fortune. Her net worth of $15 million comprises her earnings from voice acting and live-action works and from her music too.

Income From Acting

Elizabeth Daily first started acting in the late 70s in the movie Jukebox in a minor role. She continued and then starred in few other movies, including Street Music, The Escape Artist, Fandango, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Dogfight, among others. Even when she was voice acting, Daily continued to be part of many live-action movies.

Along with movies, the talented actress has also been a part of many television series. She has appeared in shows like Fame, The Mentalist, Un Amor, and many others. Her most famous show is the 2016 series, Melania Trump's Cousins: How to Be a Model and Marry a Billionaire. She even wrote a few episodes for the show.

Even though she only had minor roles in these movies and tv-series, Elizabeth Daily's earnings from them must have been pretty significant. The salary from these projects undoubtedly helped raise the actress's total net worth to new heights.

Income As A Voice Actor

While Daily's acting career did not take off as expected, she found voice acting and started lending her trademark squeaky voice to many animated characters. One of her first voice acting jobs was in the movie The Little Rascals in 1994. She has since voiced characters in several well-known and successful animated films. Some of these movies and their worldwide box-office collection are listed below:

Films Worldwide Collection
The Little Rascals $67.31M
The Rugrats Movie $140.89M
The Powerpuff Girls Movie $16.43M
Happy Feet $384.34M
Gnomes & Trolls: The Secret Chamber $307K
Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore $112.48M
Happy Feet Two $159.2M
The Hero of Color City $115K
The Emoji Movie $217.77M
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie $103.29M

Many of the films that Elizabeth was a part of did well in the box office. Most of them earned millions of dollars, and as a crucial part of these movies, the talented actress's salary must have been astronomical. Also, the profit bonus that she must have received after the release must have helped increase Elizabeth Daily's net worth significantly.

In addition to movies, E.G. Daily also voiced characters in television series and video games. Some of these were related to the film she had provided her voice in like, The Powerpuff Girls series, Happy Feet video games, among others.

On the other hand, she also provided voices for shows like What's with AndyAll Grown Up!FusinFall, and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heros. The total earnings from all of these works have, without a doubt, made a significant impact on E.G. Daily's net worth.

Income From Music And Other Sources

As the owner of a beautiful voice, Elizabeth Daily has released numerous singles and studio albums over the years. She first signed with A&M Records in 1985 and released her debut studio album Wild Child. She went by the name E.G. Daily for her music and continued to put out her music, some of which are given below:

  • Wild Child - $7.99 (MP3)
  • Tearing Down the Wall - $8.99 (MP3)
  • Lace Around The World - $5.99 (MP3)

All of her songs and albums can be found in AppleMusic and other streaming platforms. And with a massive fan following due to her voiceover works, E.G. must have garnered millions of streams for her music. As a result, she undoubtedly pocketed an enormous sum, which helped increase Daily's net worth.

Elizabeth Daily Music.

Also, the multitalented actress also conducts many voiceover seminars and attends fan conventions. While her earnings from these might be small compared to other works, it has definitely helped raise her total income.

Lifestyle And Assets

As one of the most well-known voice actress, Elizabeth Daily, has earned millions from her works and now lives a lavish lifestyle. She resides in Los Angeles, California, where she owns a beautiful mansion. She reportedly bought her house in 2005 for $2,625 million.

Elizabeth Daily Earnings.

In 2009, there were reports that E.G. had listed her Hollywood Hills house for sale for $2.49 million. Whether this is the same house she bought in 2005 is unclear. Nevertheless, looking at the price tag, it is clear that Daily lives comfortably with her family.


  • Elizabeth Daily or Elizabeth Ann Guttman was born in Los Angeles, California, on September 11, 1961.
  • She previously dated fellow actors like Jon-Erik Hexum and Brad Pitt.
  • She was married to a poker player, Rick Salomon, for five years. They have two children, Tyson Daily Salomon, and Hunter Daily Salomon.
  • She participated in the reality show, The Voice, in the fifth season.

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