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Henry Padovani's net worth is estimated to be a gigantic amount. Photo Sourcee: Getty Images.

The original guitarist of The Police, Henry Padovani's net worth is estimated to be quite a grand amount. Although he was fired from the band by Sting after he thought he lacked technical abilities, he didn't quit his music career and stop earning. In fact, he went on to form a band and working on solo projects.

Henry Padovani was born on October 13, 1952, in Bastia, Corsica, France. He was a member of the band, The Police, from December 1976 to August 1977. Henry is mostly associated with genres like Rock, post-punk, New Wave, Reggae, and Instrumental Rock.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

The talented French guitarist Henry Padovani's net worth is estimated to be a tremendous amount. He has acquired his wealth from his career as a prolific musician and songwriter for bands, solo songs, and a couple of movies. As for his former bandmates, Stewart Copeland's net worth is estimated to be $80 million, Andy Summers's fortune amounts to a massive $100 million, and Sting's net worth is estimated at a jaw-dropping, $400 million.

Andy Summers Net Worth - Know The Police's Guitarist's Income Sources

Income from The Police

Every Police fan knows that their favorite band came to international prominence and sold multi-platinum albums with a legendary line up of Sting, Stewart Copeland, and Andy Summers. However, the original guitarist Henry Padovani is almost always overlooked.

Henry Padovani The Police income

Albums, Fall Out, and Nothing Achieved was recorded by the band with Sting on lead vocals and bass guitar, Padovani on lead guitar, and Copeland taking care of the drums.

Nevertheless, Sting was dissatisfied with Padovani's abilities, which opened up a platform for Andy Summers. We speculate that Henry Padovani must have earned a commendable sum from his time in the band. Nevertheless, 'The Secret Police Man' was replaced in late 1977. It wasn't just all about him getting fired from the band. Even Padovani himself was seriously unhappy about playing side-by-side with someone whose skills outshone his own.

Income from the Flying Padovani

After Padovani's departure from the band, he didn't halt his music production. Instead, his tenures went on to achieve great success. In fact, he was picked up by a more successful band at that time named Wayne County & The Electric Chairs. This helped him sustain his fame in the challenging world of music production. Padovani's story gets more interesting after the Police. His restlessness was satiated when he formed a band named The Flying Padovani with Chris Musto on drums. Later, the band was joined by Paul Slack. They recorded a number of songs together, which received a considerable amount of success in a short period of time.

This significantly boosted Henry Padovani's net worth as well as popularity and confidence. Prior to this, the musically active star joined a series of bands before so that he could establish a good fortune and name in the music department.

IRS Record Label

Miles Copeland, brother of Stewart Copeland, asked Padovani to join IRS Records in 1984. He was given a chance to become the head of their international division. This became a major source of income for Henry.

Henry Padovani label manager

The IRS record label released a multitude of noteworthy new groups including Doctor And The Medics, REM, The Cramps, The Bangles, The Go-Gos, Timbuk 3, The Alarm, The Fleshtones, Wall Of Voodoo, Stan Ridgway, Concrete Blonde, Lords of the New Church and many others. Holding such an important position in the label and earning his fair share from the sales, Henry Padovani's fortune must have spiked up a great deal.

Solo Career

Henry's solo career also added handsome cash to his bank account. He wrote about 30 songs in 2002; one was for the movie Ici Najac à Vous la Terre. He also went on to write songs for more movies after that.

Henry Padovani solo career

Moreover, he started recording the album in 2004, À croire que c'était pour la vie, and recruited a large number of his friends for the completion of the project. The crew included Serge Veneruso, Yves Aouizeratte, Manu Katche on drums, Glen Matlock of the Sex Pistols on the bass, and Chris Musto from The Flying Padovanis doubling on the drums, and Steve Hunter (guitar). Henry even called Stewart Copeland to play drums on the song titled Welcome Home.

He also finished writing his autobiography in 2005. It was about his past and present music adventures, published under the title Secret Police Man. Henry Padovani also earned a good amount of cash from his role as of the judges for the France X factor show in the spring of 2011.

Owns a Website

Henry Padovani also pulls in a hefty sum from the online store that can be accessed through his official website. Some of the products, along with their respective prices, are listed below:

Products Prices
Live Acoustic Album(Next to You, Nifty Instrumental) $16.33 
The Flying Padovani's Original White Label Vinyl Album $22.18
Secret Police Man Audio Book $22.18
The Flying Padovani's Poster $5.54

The sales of the aforementioned products and some others listed on the website must be helping Henry Padovani rake in an immense amount of wealth.

Padovani remains low-key when it comes to private details of his life. Regardless, fans are really proud of how far he has come, and the level of height and fortune Henry has attained.

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