Jason Ritter Net Worth - Salary From TV Series Including Gravity Falls, Parenthood And Raising Dion

BY CHIRAG Updated on 15 March, 2021

Jason Ritter's net worth is made solely on his career as an actor and it is praise worthy. Image Source: Getty Images

What is the one thing that you feel like watching when you're bored or having a sleepover? MOVIES!!!! With so many movie options all around there are some people who wonder how much these actors earn. Such is also the case for the fans of Jason Ritter.

Having appeared in several well-known movies, Jason Ritter's net worth has now reached a grand of $6 million. This goes to show that his earnings were not at all shy. And to show that he is well-deserved of all this money let's take a look at what Jason's earnings and sources of income are.

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Jason Ritter Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Jason Ritter has an estimated net worth of $6 million and all the fans think that he is deserving of this money. For most actors, movies are not the only source of income and they usually do endorsements or other jobs. However, Jason is an exception.

It is difficult for most actors to make a grand fortune simply from acting and Jason did just that. Let's take a look at which works helped him earn the most and how much Jason Ritter's earnings may have been.

Some Top Works

To properly understand how much an actor/actress gets paid, one should always look at the works that they have been a part of. This way one can have an understanding of what the stars are capable of. Following this theory, here are some of the famous works that made an important contribution to Jason Ritter's net worth:

Frozen II

Frozen is one of Disney's top films so far, and no matter how many times the movie asked, no one could let go of the songs from their heads. And when news of Frozen II came out, fans were ecstatic and wanted to know who the new actors are. Of course, Jason Ritter was chosen to be one of the new additions to take part in it.

Jason Ritter income

With box office collections exceeding $1.45 billion worldwide, we can expect Jason Ritter's salary to have been quite hefty.

Gravity Falls

Who doesn't love a bit of some mystery element in their favorite movies? So when Disney released Gravity Falls, the kids show known for its mysteries and controversies, even the older generation couldn't get enough of it.

The show, having set a record in Disney XDs most viewed show, probably gave quite the salary to its voice actors. And with Jason voicing Dipper, one of the main characters, his pay must have been quite generous and should have made quite the contribution to Jason Ritter's net worth.


This wonderful show ran for around 5 years and had amassed a great many viewers. With the total viewership exceeding over 5.5 million, we can expect Jason Ritter's salary to have been quite hefty as well.

Jason Ritter earnings

The salary for most of the stars in Parenthood was expected to be around $115,000 and Jason's salary must have been somewhere around this range.

Well, not just the above-mentioned works, but the talented actor has been part of many other well-known projects. Some of his other well-known movies & TV series include A Million Little Things, Quest, Raising Dion, Another Period, Joan Of Arcadia and more. According to his IMDb page, Jason has been credited with more than 100 plus acting roles. So it doesn't come off as a surprise to see his net worth being $6 million. 


  • His parents are actor John Ritter and actress Nancy Morgan, who themselves are multi-millionaires.
  • Previously dated Marianna Palka
  • Is married to Melanie Lynskey, who herself has an estimated net worth of $5 million
  • Has a BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts of the New York University

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