Kate Albrecht Net Worth- Earning Millions From Mr. Kate With Husband Joey Zehr

BY SADI Updated on 25 June, 2020

Kate Albrecht, husband Joey and Baby Moon are enjoying creative lifestyle with more than a million dollar net worth. Image Source: Mr. Kate Insta/YouTube.

To introduce, Kate Albrecht, she's an actress, lifestyle blogger, jewelry designer, interior designer, DIY expert, author, YouTuber. OH My God! as Jeffree Star says, she's crazy. Jeffree loves Kate and her husband Joey Zehr's work which you can see through their YouTube channel, Mr. Kate-Creative Weirdos. No wonder Kate Albrecht's net worth is skyrocketing and her husband is on the same page. 

Kate Albrecht's net worth with her husband is likely $1,350,000. Their creation, Mr. Kate grew from a lifestyle/DIY blog for Albrecht's online jewelry store to a very famous interior design YouTube Channel, which now has over 4 million subscribers. The husband-wife duo has their own successful product line business too.

Mr. Kate Net Worth and Income Sources

Mr. Kate's creative weirdo Kate Albrecht's net worth with her partner Joey Zehr is estimated to be $1,350,000. Belonging to the creative and entertainment industry, the couple has worked really hard to reach this height and win million fans' hearts.

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Through their YouTube videos, Kate Albrecht and husband Joey Zehr take you to the journey through lifestyle, interior design, and DIY. The design ideas and transformation they have done are really amazing and worth watching for. 

They have uploaded videos of lots of DIY ideas of accessories, hair, fashion wear, holiday decorations, every type of room and house makeovers to cooking healthy meals. Their talent is their money. And we've covered Mr. Kate's earning details in brief for you. Stick with us till the end!

Income From YouTube Channel

According to Social Blade's stats, Mr. Kate, YouTube channel has 4 million subscribers, 390 million-plus total video views, and almost 4 billion minutes views of content. Needless to say, YouTube is a really good platform for making money. Kate Albrecht and Joey invested their time really well if you see the financial rewards the couple is earning.

A YouTuber makes anywhere between $3 to $10 ad revenue per 1000 views. And Mr. Kate always surpasses a million views in recent years. If a YouTuber has a million views, they earn around $3000 to $10,000 for one YouTube video. 

The channel Mr. Kate's net worth includes estimated yearly earnings up to $805K  with estimated monthly earnings up to $67K as of April second week of 2020. The revenue fluctuates of course. But let's take this income as an estimate for now.

Estimated Income Amount
Monthly $4.2k-$67.1k
Yearly $50.3k-$805.4k

Income From Sponsorships

Mr. Kate videos are also sponsored by companies like Amazon, WIX, Google Lens, HP, HomeScapes, Ring (Ring Video Doorbell), Function Of Beauty, Aeroflow Breast pumps, Great Stuff and many more for their business promotion. Mr. Kate could have been offered $10 to $100 per 1000 views or lump sum amount as per the popularity of their show.

You can see and find Mr. Kate's sponsors link under their uploaded videos. They also include offers like discounts upon purchase through the links. These links could also be affiliate links, where if you as a viewer purchase through the link, Mr. Kate will earn a percentage of the purchase price.

Income From Creativity & Design

Interior designing is the profession which usually has a high success growth rate. Payscale stats states the average salary of interior designers with 5 plus years of experience is $54,000. But, this is the stats of employed designers. 

Kate Albrecht and husband Joey are experienced, self-employed creative designers with their own selling platform. That undoubtedly gives an idea that they earn way more than the salaried designers.

Kate and Joey's majority part of income comes through the makeovers they do for the general public to celebrity stars. The few celebrities who were left astounded after the makeover of their house were actresses Liza Koshy, Andrea Russett, YouTube stars Alisha Marie, Alex Wassabi, Lily MarstonColleen Mae Ballinger, Makeup Artist & YouTube Personality Jeffree Star, and internet personality James Charles.

Kate did Jeffree Star's spa makeover

They have under $300 budget room makeover to thousands and millions of dollar makeovers. You can get the idea of Kate and Joey's creativity and design passion once you go through their channel.

Their makeover includes floors, room, bedroom, nursery, living room, kids-friendly office, modern office, team workspace, dark colors room, colorful room, kitchen, cat room, newlyweds room, no paint allowed room, modern office, beauty room, studio apartment, entire house makeovers and lots more.

Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr's House

How could the creative weirdos miss out on designing their own house? Yup, they bought a house, a 1927 storybook house in Los Angeles with 1550 sq. feet, 2 bed, and 2 baths on $840 thousand. Kate and Joey paid $160K as a downpayment and are paying $1700 monthly mortgage.

Mr. Kate's house

The couple didn't like the exterior and interior look of their house before but after their transformation, the house looks amazing and obviously increased the house's value. 

Income From Fashion and Book Sales

Kate Albrecht makes her own style jewelry. Along with that, the couple has multifaceted homewares, clothing, art and accessories lines. Mr. Kate's almost every product sells well including their best-selling Beauty Marks and metallic freckle temporary tattoos.

If you sign up and log in to the online store, you could see most of the pieces are already sold out! The price depends on the product you want to buy. Mr. Kate's jewelry ranges from $22 to $125 and even more depending upon the materials used, design, and type.

Similarly, the print artwork is somewhere around $17 and clothing till $58. And there are more along with her book. The table below depicts just a few out of their huge collection.

Products Price
Ray Necklace $125
Open Tusk Cuff $95
Medallion Choker $85
Tusk Earrings $58
Floral Backpack $48
Creative weirdos hoodie sweatshirt $45
Floral T-Shirt $36
Mr. Kate Logo Hat $35
Gift Cards $25
Notebook Bundle $18
Beauty Marks $14
A Hot Glue Gun Mess: Funny Stories, Pretty DIY Projects (Book) $25

Source: Mr. Kate Online Store

They have their own online store and also a way to purchase on their YouTube Channel.

Some Facts about Mr. Kate's Creative Weirdos

  • Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr met when Kate was an actress and her husband was in a boy band.
  • Kate Albrecht's father is Chris Albrecht who was CEO and President of Starz, who himself has an estimated net worth of $160 million.
  • The couple has an adorable son, Baby Moon.
  • Kate worked as an actress and writer for movies like The Princess Diaries 2:Royal Engagement (2004), My Best Friend's Girl (2008)
  • Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr are Streamy, Webby and Shorty Award nominees along with winners.
  • Mr. Kate couple had HGTV special
  • Kate couple knows how to give. They have done special giveaway programs like $10,000 room transformation giveaway, and $ 4000-holiday giveaway.

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Published on 22 April, 2020

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