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If you love to write and are a huge fan of one or several celebrities, perhaps a band, a fashion designer or an artist, you might want to start your own celebrity blog. This is a great way to share your fandom with other like-minded people and share your knowledge


2 years ago, 04 February, 2022

Three times Grammy Award Winner Singer Bill Withers died on Monday, March 30, in Los Angeles due to heart complications. He was 81. Withers' family announced on Friday about his death to the world.


4 years ago, 04 April, 2020

Kate Albrecht's net worth with her husband is likely $1,350,000. Their creation, Mr. Kate grew from a lifestyle/DIY blog for Albrecht's online jewelry store to a very famous interior design YouTube Channel, which now has 4 million subscribers.


4 years ago, 22 April, 2020

Betty Wright, a very talented R&B classic Singer-Songwriter and producer, died on Sunday, May 10, 2020, at her home in Miami at age 66. She was diagnosed with cancer.


4 years ago, 11 May, 2020

Social Media Star, Steve Cash, known for his 'Talking Kitty Cat' videos on YouTube died by suicide. He shot himself to death on Thursday morning.


4 years ago, 17 April, 2020

The famous and loved Dialect Coach, Andrew Jack has died on Tuesday, March 31, from COVID-19 complications.  He was 76 years old. Andrew Jack's wife, Gabrielle Rogers, was herself at quarantine in Australia. She couldn't be there with him at his last minute.


4 years ago, 01 April, 2020