Michael Ealy Net Worth - Salary From Sleeper Cell And Other Well Known Projects

Updated on 06 April, 2022

Michael Ealy Net Worth
$3 Million

Michael Ealy amassed a fortune of $3 million from his acting career. Image Source: Michael Ealy Instagram.

Birth Name Michael Brown
Birth place Silver Spring, Maryland
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Hair Color Black

Michael Ealy, born as Michael Brown is a quite popular name in the film industry. He primarily gained his fame from the popular movie 'Barber Shop' and TV series like 'Sleeping Cell' and 'Almost Human', where he played the main role. Michael has also recently made his way into producing which furthermore expands his involvement in the film industry.

From his pretty commendable work as an actor across numerous movies and TV series, there is no doubt that this Golden Globe award nominee has made quite a fortune for himself. Well, Michael Ealy's net worth is estimated at a grand amount of $3 million.

Michael Ealy Net Worth And Career

According to Celebrity Networth, Michael Ealy's net worth is currently estimated to be $3 million. With charming looks, killer blue eyes, and acting skills like his, it is not surprising that he holds this much of wealth. Michael primarily earns from his work as an actor, so let's break down his earnings in more detail.

Income From Movies 

As aforementioned, Michael is an active prime-time actor who made his acting career solely with his skills and charming personality. He has acted in numerous movies that made quite some bucks in the box office. His movie 'The Perfect Guy' made staggering money worldwide, and Ealy was one of the lead actors. This automatically means he shared a big cut from it.

Michael Ealy

But it does not stop here, he was also one of the leads alongside popular actor Ice Cube in 'Barber Shop' and it's the second installation 'Barber Shop 2: Back in Business' these two movies made a combined box office of almost $150 million. He also played a lead in the 2019 horror movie 'The intruder' which was also successful in its own right. His other notable appearances include '2 Fast 2 Furious' and 'Takers' where he shared screens with late Paul Walker.  Some of the box office collection of his movies are:

Movies Box Office Collection
The Perfect Guy $45,000,926
Barber Shop $75,074,950
Kissing Jessica Stein $6,960,929
2 Fast 2 Furious $127,083,765

Earnings From TV Shows

Ealy has also featured himself in numerous TV series ranging from 'Sleeping Cell' and 'Almost Human' which were also a huge commercial success. His series 'Sleeper Cell' was also critically well acclaimed. Ealy played a primary role in the series 'The Good Wife' which was well-loved among the fanbase He also got featured in 'Westworld' and 'Stumptown' which are undoubtedly a global success.

All of these crowd-pulling successes as an actor make Michael Ealy's net worth to be more than believable. 

Income From Producing And Brand Endorsements

Although recently involved, Michael has stretched his arms from acting to executive producing which involves movies like 'The Perfect Guy' and 'Jacob's Ladder' which were pretty successful commercially. 

Many may believe being an actor means you are automatically associated with brands but in the case of Michael Ealy he doesn't seem too involved in that much endorsement. His social media handles are primarily free from any type of brand endorsement. With that said Michael has also featured in music videos like Mariah Carey's 2005 single 'Get your number' which definitely adds to his fortune.

Michael Ealy's Lifestyle And Assets

Michael is married to his wife, actress Khatira Rafiqzada since October 2012. The couple also shares two children together a son named Elijah and a daughter. The family currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Going through his insta, Micheal can be often seen to spend time with his family and especially his children with whom he has a great connection. He is quite fond of his decent but sumptuous lifestyle. 

Michael Ealy and his wife

According to The Richest, Ealy bought a luxury car Audi A3 back in 2019 which costs around $42,500. Along with his cars, he also owns a house in LA whose cost is still unkwon.

Facts And Trivia

  • Michael Ealy was born on August 3, 1973, in Washington, US.
  • He married his girlfriend of 4 years, Khatira, in October of 2012.
  • He attended the University of Maryland in College Park.
  • He has appeared in Beyonce's music video 'Halo'.

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Published on 19 August, 2020

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