After Contracting Coronavirus, Chris Trousdale, Former Dream Street Singer Has Passed Away

BY CHIRAG Published on 04 June, 2020

Former dance street singer Chris Trousdale died after contracting coronavirus. Image Source: Chris' Insstagram.

Chris Trousdale, the former Dream Street singer, passed away on June the 2nd, Tuesday, after contracting the Coronavirus.

Reportedly, Chris had contracted the virus from a family member and had passed away at a hospital in Burbank, CA on Tuesday. According to the family, there were some complications caused by the virus that led to this pop star's death.

After news of the death was released, the family took to Chris' Instagram where they announced the fact to his fans and followers. The post was made on Wednesday including the date of Chris Trousdale's death as well as what he meant to his friends, family, and fans. 

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In the post, the family also stated that fans who wish to make a donation in his name, it would be appreciated to be done so to the ASPCA(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), towards which Chris believed and supported. Several fans from his Dream Street days along with stars like Larsen Thompson, Todrick Hall, and Carlie Craig, among many others made sure to make a comment and send their love to Chris' family.

In the post, the family also requested that in this time of grief, the privacy of the family is respected and it seems that this request will be adhered to.

Chris Trousdale

Fans are heartbroken by this news and it is sure that he will be remembered for the years to come. 

Chris Trousdale will be best remembered as a member of the American Pop Group Dream Street, which was formed back in 1999. At the time, Chris was 14-years-old and performed alongside, Greg Raposo, Jesse McCartney, Matt Ballinger, and Frankie Galasso

Due to legal issues, however, the band was forced to disband a few years later in 2002. But in that short period of time, the band had released two albums as well as several hit songs. Among those songs was It Happens Every Time that was their best song and stood at #48 on the charts.

Chris Trousdale Dream Street

The sad demise of Chris Trousdale is a great loss of talent for the world, and it seems that he will be greatly remembered.

Chris died young, but his success in his life is something that his family and friends are proud of, and the fans are thankful for. We hope that the soul of Chris Trousdale Rests in Peace.

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