Maxo Kream Net Worth - Earnings From His Tours, Albums Sales And Merch

BY CHIRAG Updated on 15 March, 2021

Maxo Kream's net worth is something that many rappers aspire to have. Find out how much this rapper is worth. Image Source: Vanity Fair

When you listen to rap music, you just want to listen to a few more. Of course, it means that rap becomes one of your favorite music genres. And when you have a favorite kind of music, you also have a few favorite rappers. One such rapper who you can't forget about is none other than Maxo Kream.

The rapper's music is the kind that fans just love. His music is sold in vast quantities, and as such, people sometimes wonder how much Maxo Kream's net worth exactly is. If you happen to wonder the same, make sure to read the article to the end.

Maxo Kream's Net Worth and Earnings

Admittedly, being a star means that the earnings are something one can't just go and scoff at. It's massive. This is also the case for this American rapper. In fact, Maxo Kream's fortune has been estimated to be in millions. And most of it is simply from his music career.

Maxo Kream salary

Yes, that's right. Not all of this rap star's net worth is from his music career. In fact, his earnings also come from a different source supported by his fans. We are referring to his merch sales.

Maxo Kream's Merch Earns Him Good Money

Unless you are a new fan or simply enjoy listening to his music, this rapper has his own merch line, and with a fan base of over 400K, the sales are quite something. Maxo Kream's merch is the kind fans love and just can't get enough. As such, sales are always quite high. If you want to know about some of the products available, here is a table with items alongside their respective prices.

Merch Price
The Brandon Banks Tour Black T-Shirt $30
Car Black T-Shirt $35
Logo Grinder $18
The Brandon Banks Tour Black Pullover $50
Brandon Banks Pullover + Digital Album  $55

One can instantly see that the prices for the merch are very reasonable. Because of this, fans are always rushing into the online store and are probably buying things in bulk. Thus, we can say that the sales of the products add a considerable amount to Maxo Kream's net worth.

YouTube And Streaming Services

With the coming and going of new technology, one can always see new fan-favorite sites popping up. This does not seem to be the case for YouTube, and as such, many stars head over here for making their own channel. Well, it would not be surprising to see a channel under Maxo Kream's belt.

The skilled rap artist's channel was made back in 2011, and the star has since created and uploaded several videos. Maxo Kream's yearly estimated earnings ranges from $1.4K to $23.1K, an amount which is undoubtedly on the rise, given the fact that more people come across his music every day. Aside from this, Kream's music also streams in most major platforms, including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, iTunes, etc. Most of these sites have a pay rate of about $6000-$8000 for every million listeners. 

Taking into account that Maxo has hundreds of thousands of listeners, we can imagine his pay to be quite high from these streaming services as well. This all just goes to add up in Maxo Kream's net worth.

Did You Hear? Maxo Is Coming To Australia!!!

Yes, that's right. Maxo Kream's Australia tour starts on April 24th,2020, in Canberra, and fans in the land down under are ecstatic. The tour will have Maxo performing at ten different places and will last until May 10th,2020. The tickets are already available for purchase, and the sales are going through the roof. The prices of the tickets vary from location to location, though. Here is a table showing the rates for both the general and the meet & greet tickets:

Location General Meet & Greet
Woolly Mammoth, Fortitude Valley, Australia $51.99 $133.55
Manning Bar, East Sydney, Australia $52.05 $133.65
Neck Of The Woods, Buckland, Australia $51.37 $133.73

The sales alone are quite impressive, but there is another thing that Maxo decided to do. For every ticket sold, the rapper has decided to donate a dollar to those who need it. This also tells us that his heart is made of gold. For this noble cause, the Australian fans are purchasing tickets in great numbers and are even encouraging their friends to buy more.

The sales of the tickets will also make a significant contribution to Maxo Kream's net worth and will probably even see a massive rise in the coming days.

Won't You Learn About His Lavish Life Style?

Sure, we know how Maxo makes his earnings and even about his music career, but have you ever wondered what kind of life this rapper lives? Well, the answer is right here.

Maxo Kream's life is quite a sumptuous one. Owning several expensive cars like the Mercedes, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, etc. that can cost upwards of a million is but the tip of the iceberg. A glance over his Instagram will reveal that the star loves showing off his expensive lifestyle. His designer clothes and shoes like Balenciaga and Gucci seem to pale in comparison to the opulent diamond and gold engraved watch and the heavy gold chain the rapper keeps flashing every now and then.

Maxo Kream Instagram, cars, watch

The cars alone seem to cost around $200K to $500K each. Add that to his lavish life and exotic collection of clothes; surely leads one to think that his life is the kind many can only dream of. Furthermore, in one of his Instagram posts, Maxo stated that people ain't really earning until they are making eight-figures. So one can take a hint from that about how rich the talented rapper is.

Here Are Some Facts About Maxo Kream

  • Maxo Kream's father is Emekwanem Ibemakanam Ogugua Biosah Sr.
  • Maxo Kream's brother, Money Madu was shot and killed
  • Has got many tattoos on his body
  • Was on the TV series, Car Test With Elliott Wilson.

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Published on 12 March, 2020

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