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Aina Dumlao is a well-known actress and producer born in the Philippines. Image Source: Getty Images.

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Birth Name Aina Dumlao
Birth Day 10/12/1988
Birth place Philippines
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American, Philippine
Profession Actress, Producer
Height 5 feet
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Brown

Aina Dumlao is a talented actress born and raised in the Philippines. With various award wins and nominations under her belt, she has become quite successful throughout her career. 

Having moved to the USA a bit later in her life, Aina Dumlao has faced many hardships but has now become an accomplished woman. 

Early Life and Career

Aina Dumlao was born on the 12th of October 1988 in the Philippines. In an interview with Breezeway Productions, she has mentioned that she used to work in a 350-employee company that she co-founded. She then quit this job to pursue her acting career.

Aina Dumlao' bio

In the same interview, Aina Dumlao stated that her friend/co-filmmaker, Bru Muller, had pulled her into this industry. These two filmmakers have written, directed, and edited many films together. After starting her career in the film industry, Aina has been consistently working and might not have plans to stopping so soon.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

The talented Aina Dumlao's net worth comprises of the earnings from her career as an actress and writer. She is mostly known for her works in Ballers, Brockmire, Last Man Standing, and many more. She is also known for playing the role of Andie Lee in the American action and adventure television series MacGyver. 

Aina Dumlao's net worth

Aina Dumlao has also worked in 12 episodes of the TV series "Introverts." Aina is also a producer who has helped produce over 10 short films. She has also come into light after being the creator as well as the actress in the short film titled Diwa. Throughout her career, Aina has worked with well-known actors and actresses such as Lucas Till, Meredith Eaton, Dwayne Johnson, Omar Benson Miller, and many more. She has also worked in various commercials.

Looking at Aina's Instagram account (@aieegram), we can say that she is living a comfortable life and must have amassed a considerable amount of net worth for herself. 

Aina Dumlao Is The Creator And Actress Of "Diwa"

One of Aina Dumlao's most recognized works is the short film titled "Diwa". This film is a look at the plight of immigrants who are victimized by violent crimes and the obstacles they face. 

Aina Dumlao's Diwa

Aina Dumlao co-directed, co-wrote, and also starred in this film. She has worked on this film with people such as Bru Miller and Corey Cooper and the short movie has won and been nominated for numerous awards.

Some Facts About Aina Dumlao

Here are some facts about the actress Aina Dumlao:

  • Aina Dumlao calls herself the "Mother of four chihuahua dragons" as she is the owner of four chihuahua dogs. 
  • Amongst her dogs named Puppy, Paco, Solo, and Hanzo, her dog Paco passed away. She announced this news via her Instagram. 
  • Bru Muller was the one who persuaded her to join the film industry.
  • Her short film "Diwa" won the Catalina Film Festival for the category of "US Short Film".
  • As Aina Dumlao was born in the Philippines, she is fluent in both English as well as Filipino. 

The talented Aina Dumlao will be working in the upcoming short movies such as Tribes and Sanzaru. In director Xia Magnus' feature film debut, she plays the lead role of Evelyn. Her fans are surely eagerly anticipating more of her works. 

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Published on 02 February, 2020

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