Lil Eazy-E - Rapper and Eazy-E's Son

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Lil Eazy-E is an American rapper and the son of Eazy-E. Photo Source: Getty Images.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Eric Darnell Wright
Birth Day 04/23/1984
Birth place Compton, California, USA
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Profession Rapper, Music Producer
Parents Eazy-E
Sibling Erin Bria Wright, Dominick Wright, Derrek Wright, Elijah Wright, Marquise Wright
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black

The Hip Hop singer and music producer, Lil Eazy-E was born on April 23, 1984, in Compton, California, the U.S to father Eazy-E. He is CEO of a company called NWA Entertainment, LLC which is a music, and media production company. His brother, Derek Wright is also partners with him.

The CEO of the gangsta rap group N.W.A, Lil Eazy-E's net worth is probably a huge amount considering how influential he is. Some of his famous siblings are Erin Bria Wright, Dominick Wright, Elijah Wright, Marquise Wright, Daijah Wright and his brother Derrek Wright aka Baby Eazy-E, who is also a member of the rap group called Compton MoneyGang.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

Signed to Universal Motown Records, Lil Eazy-E's net worth is still kept under the wraps but we can assume it must be an enormous amount. As for his later father had an estimated net worth of $8 million during the time of his demise. He has released many hit albums and songs that helped him pile up his popularity and fortune. 

Lil Eazy-E net worth

Besides, (as mentioned above), he is also the CEO of a music and media production company named NWA Entertainment and manages his brother's band named Compton Money Gang. He has released many video documentaries under his name which amassed a large number of audiences. Lil Eazy-E also has released two mixtapes: 2006's Cali Untouchable Radio 14: Rebirth Of Gangsta Rap and This Aint A Game. 

Eazy-E's son Lil Eazy-E released his debut album, The Prince of Compton, in 2006 and since then he has released numerous albums including other L.W.A: Latin with Attitude, 4 Years, End Is a New BeginningThe Proof. Lil Eazy also worked to make a remix of Eazy-E's hit single Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn in 2003 as a tribute to his father. The song was called "Lil Eazy-Er Said" which gained a considerable amount of listeners. Hence he must have bagged in a serious chunk of money considering his persistent hard work, passion, and commitment and the contribution he has made in the rap music industry.

Lil Eazy-E collaborations with other artists

.Not to mention the fact that Eazy-E's son has also collaborated with his fellow hometown rapper, The Game on the track My Confession released in 2009. Furthermore, Lil Eazy has performed duets with rappers like Static Major, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony which assisted him in getting more fame and reputation. Lil Eazy is also good friends with Dr. Dre's son Curtis Young aka Hood Surgeon. 

Lil Eazy-E is also a documentary producer which surely helps him bag in a handsome income. He released a documentary about his father entitled The Life and Times of Eric Wright. Some of his other works include N.W.A, The World's Most Dangerous Group, and The Game: Documentary. In addition to what he’s acquired from his albums and songs over the years, he also pulls in a commendable amount of money from public events such as concerts and shows all across America.

Feuds and Trademark Issues

Lil Eazy- E first appeared in the hip hop scene with Daz Dillinger, but due to some inconveniences, it eventually led to a serious feud between the two rappers.

However, things really took a toll on him during the legal dispute between him and his stepmother, Tomica Woods. Nevertheless, the legal battle between them has now been settled. The dispute was basically over the use of the names like N.W.A, as well Ruthless and Straight Outta Compton 

Lil Eazy-E and Tomica Woods

Tomica Woods Wright's case claims that rapper Lil Eazy-E has been illegally profiting off her late husband by attempting to register trademarks and keywords related to him. The allegations insinuate that Lil Eazy-E tried to create a fake impression to the public that his company was the actual owner of the Ruthless trademark. Lil Eazy-E previously tried countersued Ruthless Records before losing the case with his stepmother. His initial counterpoint was that she invalidated the use of the trademark rights by not using them at all.

Parents and Siblings

Lil Eazy-E is one of the most talented rappers and the son of the messiah of gangsta rap, Eazy-E. He has many siblings including Erin Bria Wright, Dominick Wright, Derrek Wright, Elijah Wright, and Marquise Wright. Lil Eazy-E also has a stepmom named Tomica Woods who owns Ruthless Records.

Lil Eazy step mom and siblings

He grew up in Compton, California, alongside his siblings and just like his dad he became enamored with music at an early age. Since his father died from complications of AIDS he has become an anti-HIV activist. Moreover, he also posts pictures of his dad on his Instagram expressing his love for him. Although he is deceased, we are pretty sure Lil Eazy-E's dad Eazy-E must be extremely proud of all his achievements and how far he has come.

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Published on 03 November, 2019

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