Cory Cotton Net Worth - Is He The Richest Among Dude Perfect?

BY SUYASHA Published on 05 March, 2021

Cory Cotton Net Worth

Cory Cotton is a successful YouTuber. Image Source: Cory Cotton Instagram.

Birth Name Cory Cotton
Birth place Texas, USA
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Hair Color Brown

Cory Cotton is a popular YouTuber of American nationality. He gained immense fame and success from the renowned group Dude Perfect. Known for being one of the five founding members of the group, Cory is a social media personality and a trick-shot artist.

The popular YouTuber, Cory Cotton, has earned a massive fortune from the group. The group found fame through their videos uploaded on YouTube. The videos uploaded by the group Dude Perfect gain millions of views and have gotten good reviews. Well, Cory Cotton's net worth is estimated to be a grand sum. Let's learn more about how the famous YouTuber has amassed such tremendous wealth.

Cory Cotton Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, Cory Cotton's net worth is estimated to be of a considerable amount. Most of the wealth accumulated by Cory comprises his income from YouTube, merchandise sales, and other ventures.

Income From YouTube

As mentioned before, Cory Cotton is one of the five founding members of the popular group Dude Perfect. The group uploads various videos about trick shots and sports on the YouTube channel which has more than 55.4 million subscribers. Through these videos, the group has gained a huge fan following worldwide. Apart from the popularity that Cory and other team members have gained on YouTube, they also have a huge fan following on other social media.

Cory and his twin brother Coby Cotton met the future team members at Texas A&M University, where they all were former basketball players and roommates. The group, including Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney, started their YouTube journey in 2009. Before that, they were betting on sandwiches for basketball shots in their backyard. They filmed the shots and uploaded it on YouTube in April 2009, which is titled Backyard Edition. The video received 200,000 views within a week, making the group famous, which then resulted in the number of subscribers increasing daily.

Cory Cotton Net Worth And Total Earnings.

The team has uploaded several videos since their first one in 2009. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the renowned group Dude Perfect's net worth is $50 million. The channel with 55.4 million subscribers has gained billions of views overall. Cory has accumulated an enormous net worth as he is one of the five founding members of the group Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect has three YouTube channels, where they upload different types of videos. Here is the table showing those YouTube channels along with their estimated monthly and yearly earnings and as of now.

YouTube Channel Subscribers Yearly Earnings Monthly Earnings
Dude Perfect 55.4M $517.2K - $8.3M $43.1K - $689.6K
Dude Perfect Gaming 222K $2.5K - $39.4K $205 - $3.3K
Dude Perfect Plus 1.16M $25.9K - $414.6K $2.2K - $34.5K

Cory and the other group members have earned massively from YouTube. The group has uploaded various videos, among which Water Bottle Flip 2 is the most popular with 363 million views. Apart from these videos, there are several other popular videos with a large number of views. With the number of videos uploaded by the group, the members have gained immense fame and wealth. Hence, Cory Cotton's net worth must be in millions as he has earned massively from YouTube.

Income From Brand Endorsements

After their first video's success, Cory and his team uploaded several other videos that received millions of views. Over time, the videos uploaded by the team were critically-acclaimed and were famous worldwide. As a result, the team was contacted by ESPN. The group's videos were featured in various TV shows like SportsNation, Pardon The Interruption, Around The Horn, and First Take.

Cory Cotton Total Earnings.

The popularity of the group resulted in various endorsement deals and sponsorships from notable brands. They were endorsed by brands like Fiat, GMC, Pringles, and Nerf. They also worked with professional athletes and celebrities. Professional soccer players from renowned teams like Chelsea F.C., Arsenal F.C., and Manchester City F.C. have also collaborated with them. The endorsement deals and collaboration offers significantly increased the group's income. And that helped increase Cory Cotton's total income.

Income From Merchandise And Other Ventures

The renowned group Dude Perfect has also launched its own merchandise. The income from the store also helped increase Cory's net worth. Some of the items of the merchandise, along with their prices, are given below. 

  • Icons Long Sleeve Tee- $34.99
  • Epic Panda Tee- $24.99
  • Pound It Reflective Hoodie- $54.99

Cory has earned a considerable amount from the mobile games launched by the group. The team released a mobile game named Dude Perfect, and following that, they released other games like Endless Ducker and That's Lit. The Dude Perfect team is so popular that they were selected as the Harlem Globetrotters' annual draft. Over the years, the team has made a significant income. Cory Cotton's fortune increased due to the various ventures, endorsements, and YouTube channels.

Income From Book

Apart from being a successful YouTuber, Cory has also written and published a book. After the team released the mobile games, Cory authored a book titled Go Big. In the book, he has shared secrets about how the group has learned and built a business in a world largely influenced by social media. The book is sold for $11.38 on Amazon. With the group's popularity, the book might have helped Cory earn profits and increase his net worth.

Lifestyle And Assets

Aforementioned, Cory Cotton's net worth might be in the millions. As a YouTuber, Cory has earned a massive fortune to his name. With a net worth like that, Cory is living a comfortable lifestyle with his family in Texas. Cory also owns an E-bike of QuietKit, whose price is $2,199. 

Cory Cotton Total Earnings

Thanks to Cory Cotton's wealth, he is able to live a lavish lifestyle. 


  • Cory was born in July 1987 in Texas.
  • Cory's parents are Diann Cotton and Larry Cotton
  • He grew up with his sister, Catherine Cotton, and identical twin brother, Coby Cotton.
  • Cory got married to  Amy Cotton in August 2017. The couple dated before getting engaged in March 2016. They shared the news about their engagement through an Instagram post. 
  • Cory and his wife are the parents of three beautiful children. Their firstborn are twins, a daughter, Collins Cotton, and a son Crew Cotton, born on November 30, 2018. Their secondborn is a son named Charlie Cash Cotton, born on March 3, 2020.

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