Tyler Toney Net Worth - How Much Does He Earn From The Dude Perfect?

BY SUYASHA Updated on 05 March, 2021

Tyler Toney Net Worth

Tyler Toney has a net worth of million sum. Image Source: Tyler Toney.

Birth Name Tyler Nathan Toney
Birth place Prosper, Texas
Profession YouTuber
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Hair Color Black

Tyler Toney is a YouTuber from America who has gained immense fame and success from the popular group Dude Perfect. Tyler is a renowned social media personality and trick-shot artist who is also one of the group's five co-founders. 

The famous YouTuber has earned an enormous fortune from the group that got famous through YouTube. Along with his team members, he uploads videos on YouTube, and the videos have gotten good reviews. Well, Tyler Toney's net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Let us learn more about how Toney was able to accumulate a massive fortune to his name.

Tyler Toney Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, Tyler Toney's net worth is estimated to be in the millions. Most of the wealth amassed by him comes from his YouTube earnings and brand endorsements. He has earned such tremendous fame and wealth that he is living a comfortable lifestyle.

Income From The YouTube Channel

As mentioned before, Tyler Toney is one of the five founding members of the popular group Dude Perfect. The group uploads videos on a YouTube channel with 55.4 million subscribers and has gained immense fame. Toney has a huge fan following in his other social media.

Toney started his YouTube journey along with the other team members Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garret Hilbert in 2009. Tyler attended Texas A&M University, along with the future team members. They were former basketball players and room-mates at the university. 

The Youtube journey started when they were betting on sandwiches for basketball shots in their backyard. They filmed the shots and uploaded their first-ever video in April 2009, which is titled Backyard Edition. Since then, the group has uploaded various videos. The video became popular, and the number of subscribers increased daily. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the famous group Dude Perfect's net worth is estimated to be $50 million. The videos uploaded by the group gain millions and millions of views. Being one of the group members, there's no doubt that Tyler earns a grand sum, which has helped his total earnings to increase over the years. According to SocialBlade, the YouTube channel where the team uploads videos, have estimated yearly earnings of $522.5K- $8.4M. Tyler must have made a good earning from the channel with the yearly earnings like that. 

Most of the videos uploaded by the group get millions and millions of views. This has contributed significantly to increase the wealth and fame of the channel members. Tyler Toney's total earnings of a million sum comprise most of the income from the group. Along with his team members, he is living a comfortable lifestyle with the massive fortune of the grand sum. 

Income From Brand Endorsements

After the team uploaded their first-ever video, titled Backyard Edition, the views reached 200,000 within a week. Following the immense success of their first video, the group uploaded their second video. The second video earned more views and got good reviews. As a result, the team was contacted by ESPN, and their videos started to appear in television shows like SportsNation, First Take, Pardon the Interruption, and Around the Horn.

Tyler Toney Total Earnings

With the immense popularity they were gaining over time, various brands endorsed the group. They also started getting endorsement deals with celebrities and professional athletes like Chris Paul, Morgan Beck, Travis Pastrana, Luke Bryan, and many others. The team was also offered endorsement deals from players from various renowned clubs like Chelsea F.C., Manchester F.C., and Arsenal F.C. The team was also endorsed by brands like GMC, Nerf, pringles, and Fiat. The team consequently gained immense popularity and wealth from the various endorsement deals. The endorsement deals have also increased Tyler Toney's net worth over the year. 

Tyler has also made a good income from a series made by the team, entitled The Dude Perfect Show, and a self-titled game named Dude Perfect. Dude Perfect also has two other YouTube channels. Here are the estimated monthly and yearly earnings of those YouTube channels.

YouTube Channel Monthly Earnings Yearly Earnings Subscribers
Dude Perfect Gaming $242 - $3.9K

$2.9K - $46.6K

Dude Perfect Plus $26.1K- $418.2K $26.1K - $418.2K 1.15 million

Tyler must have earned quite significantly from these YouTube channels too. 

Lifestyle And Assets

It's no doubt that Tyler Toney earns a massive fortune as a YouTuber. Aforementioned, Toney has an enormous wealth of million of dollars. He is living a comfortable and lavish lifestyle in Prosper, Texas, with his family. He owned a luxurious car, a Ford Ranger F-250. Tyler Toney's net worth has increased over the year and is still growing as the YouTuber gains a considerable sum of money from the channel.

Tyler Toney Total Earnings

Tyler Toney has earned enormous wealth which has helped him to live a comfortable lifestyle.


  • Tyler was born on March 24th, 1989, in Prosper, Texas. 
  • Tyler's parents are Jeff Toney and Pam Toney.
  • Tyler grew up with his sister Paige Brown.
  • Tyler got married to a former pageant queen, Bethany Briscoe, in 2011.
  • Tyler and Bethany have three children together, the first son, Barrett Nathan Toney, born in February 2017, the second son, Colton James Toney, born in June 2019, and the third son, Rhett Silas Toney, born in July 2020.
  • Tyler has a total of 1.7 million followers on Instagram.
  • Going through his Instagram post, we can see that Tyler loves fishing and hunting.

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Published on 03 March, 2021

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