Garrett Hilbert Net Worth - Income From Dude Perfect And More

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Garrett Hilbert Net Worth

Garrett Hilbert is a member of Dude Perfect channel who has earned massive money. Source: Instagram Garrett Hilbert.

Birth Name Garrett Hilbert
Birth place Plano, Texas, USA
Profession Youtuber
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Hair Color Auburn

Garrett Hilbert is an American Youtuber who is the co-founder of the incredibly famous comedy and sports group Dude Perfect. He is recognized as one of the members of the famous team, Dude Perfect. Also, Hilbert has been noted as a social media personality who amassed his wealth as a Youtuber.

Garret Hilbert's net worth includes his earnings from the ''Dude Perfect' channel. Besides Hilbert, Dude Perfect channels' co-founders are Coby Cotton and Cory Cotton, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney. As of now, Dude Perfect is the most subscribed sports channel in America. So, being one of the popular comedy and sports team co-founders, Dude Perfect, Garrett has earned a grand sum. So, Garrett Hilbert's net fortune is known to be huge.

Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Garrett Hilbert's net worth is known to be massive, which he earned through his successful involvement in YouTube and brand endorsement.  Also, he is widely known as one of the team members of the sports and comedy group Dude Perfect.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Garrett Hilbert's Dude Perfect channel has an estimated net worth of $50 million. So he must have earned a significant proportion of income from the YouTube channel. 

Income And Earnings From YouTube

Talking about Garrett Hilbert, he has gathered an enormous wealth primarily from his sports groups and comedy team. Garrett and his partner established the YouTube channel in 2009  named Dude Perfect, and the channel released a mobile game, Dude Perfect, followed by other games, Endless Ducker and That's Lit.

Well, many of the videos uploaded by them get more millions of views. One of their most popular videos is Ping Pong Trick Shot 2 with 211 million views and Water Bottle Flip 2 with 363 million.

The team has set numerous records in Guinness World Record and got an opportunity to work with renowned celebrities and athletics such as Chris Paul, Paul RuddJohn Hekker, Jacob McQuaide, Travis Labhart, Tyler Seguin, and many more. So their team's popularity and their videos have made them a reputed person worldwide.

In this table, we have mentioned every detail of Garrett and his team member's YouTube Channel, Dude Perfect, alongside their monthly earnings and yearly earnings with reference to Social Blade

Channels Subscribers  Videos Views  Estimated Monthly Earnings Estimated Yearly Earnings
Dude Perfect Plus 1.15M 33,417,829 $2.2K - $34.8K $26.1K - $418.2K
Dude Perfect Gaming 222K 3,733,799 $242 - $3.9K $2.9K - $46.6K
Dude Perfect 55.4M 12,541,931,221 $43.5K - $696.7K  $522.5K - $8.4M

Without a doubt, talented Garrett has earned enormous money from the channel Dude Perfect. Being a part of the group, he must have contributed to his net worth. Hence, Youtube has become the platform for Garrett that has led to his massive income and net fortune. 

Earning From Merchandise

The famous team Dude Perfect has its own merchandise as well. From merchandise, Hilbert has also made significant earning, which are available in the store. Few items of merchandise, along with their prices, are given below the table.

Products Price

Team members of Dude Perfect have accumulated massive cash from the store. So, Garrett has also earned a considerable amount through this merchandise. So, all the talented group members have become rich due to various endorsements and stores.

Income From Endorsement

Dude Perfect is one of the most famous groups across the world. Their YouTube videos have millions of views, and they get fame and have earned significant money from this channel. 

Garrett Hilbert and his member of Dude Perfect channel.

The rising popularity of the group has attracted various brands for endorsement and sponsorships, and the members are endorsed by various companies such as GMC, Nerf, Pringles, Bras Pro shops. 


As we have mentioned so many times, Garrett is an integral part of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel that has gained a massive amount of money. From these earnings, Garrett is enjoying a comfortable life with his family and sons.

Garrett Hilbert shares lovely bonding with his kids.

Well, Garrett Hilbert is a married man who tied his marital knot with a gorgeous lady Kristen Hilbert on May 28, 2012. The couple welcomed two sons Lincoln Hilbert and Owen Hilbert, and one daughter, Iris Hilbert.


  • Garrett Hilbert was born in Plano, Texas, the USA, on May 13, 1987.
  • He has 1 million followers on Instagram.
  • Hilbert was a student of Texas A&M student.

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Published on 04 March, 2021

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